Watching This Mom Wrestle 4 Kids Into Pajamas Will Make You Want A Drink

by Ashley Austrew

People can’t get enough of this hilarious video of a mom trying to get her triplets and toddler into pajamas.

When most people picture bed time, they imagine parents sweetly snuggling with their freshly-bathed kids while they tell stories and bask in the warm glow of a night light. In reality, it’s nothing like that, and that’s why everyone is in love with this video of a mom struggling to get her triplets and toddler into their pajamas at the end of a long day.

In a video posted on The Baby Gang Facebook page, Corrie Whyte corrals two-year-old Emily and eight-month-old triplets Jackson, Olivia, and Levi, on her bed and tries to get all of them dressed. She starts with one of the babies, and the other three crawl and jump around the bed as she snaps up her baby’s onesie with the quickest fingers I’ve ever seen — seriously, this lady is a pro.

Once the first baby is done, Whyte moves her to the end of the kid assembly line and starts on the next one. The whole time she’s doing this, her toddler is jumping and walking on the bed while the other two babies crawl around. Every so often, Whyte has to reach out to keep someone from falling or to change the direction of a crawling baby. At one point, her two-year-old even leaps off the bed and tries to run away. Somehow Whyte still manages to get each kid dressed while keeping her eyes on the other three. It’s a special brand of multi-tasking to which every parent can relate.

Since the video went up, it’s been viewed an astonishing 45 million times and shared by close to 900,000 people. Many are hailing Whyte a super mom after watching the hilarious footage, but she tells ABC News it’s all just a part of her normal routine and she doesn’t think she deserves any special credit. “Every mom is a super mom in my opinion,” she says.

Whyte’s video resonates with a lot of parents, not only because bed time is the actual worst, but also because of the very real way it depicts the struggle of trying to keep up with a baby and a toddler. Anyone with more than one kid knows how tough it is to split your attention between two or more tiny people with wildly differing needs, and how exhausting even simple things like bed time, baths, and meal times can be. Whyte’s video is a lighthearted nod to a truly stressful reality of parenting, and a good reminder that each mom’s glass of wine at the end of the day is well-earned.

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