Mom's Genius Bottle Storage Hack Is An Organization Game Changer

Mom’s Genius Bottle Storage Hack Is An Organization Game Changer

Image via Facebook

Mom shares shower caddy magic on Facebook

Man, do we love ourselves some parenting hacks: from frozen breastmilk pops to wipe container changing kits, we are pro- anything that makes moms’ lives easier.

Now, a Texas mom has come up with a way to store all those baby bottles that will cause those of you with young children to rejoice, and those of us with older children to take a drag off a cigarette and say, “In my day we had bottles all over the damn place and made diapers out of leaves and used our bras as diaper bags and that was just the way it was.”

Brooke McDaniel came up with a way to store her baby bottles that will make you look at your overflowing shelf and call CNN immediately to let them know they can call off the search for the next Dalai Lama, for you have found her. She took a shower caddy, hung it on the wall, put her bottles in there, and magic happened.

“It’s a $12 shower caddy,” writes McDaniel. Best ‘bottle holder’ I could ever have. All my bottles in one place on my wall, space I wasn’t utilizing, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it.” She’s even hung her pacifiers from the hooks at the bottom. If you love organizing, it’s enough to make you drool a little.

As a mom of twins who was practically tripping over bottles, I think this is genius. But even with one baby, you know that bottles end up taking over your life. You keep buying them because you never seem to have enough on hand. Before long you’ve lost an entire section of your kitchen countertop, you’re terrified because one false move and you’ve got bottles hitting the ground like bowling pins, and access to your coffeemaker is compromised (and that, more than anything else, is completely unacceptable.)


McDaniel originally only shared this discovery with her mom group but decided to post it publicly to try to help other moms. That post, which she published a week ago, has gone viral with over 117,000 shares and 18,000 comments.

McDaniel ended up editing her original post to address comments “questioning her mothering methods.” See, McDaniel doesn’t do a lot of social media and “never expected to get any kind of negative reaction” because it was a post about using a shower caddy to store baby bottles. Again: It’s a post…about using a shower caddy…to store baby bottles. And yet, she got comments criticizing the number of bottles she has and questioning the sterility of her pacifiers. *sigh* The Internet: We’re here to help you hate everything.

But nasty comments aside, what McDaniel has shared will help some moms out there who would love for just one thing in their lives to feel under control. Reducing some of the chaos can do wonders for parents during those early years and so we say, three cheers to Brooke! Thanks for sharing, mama.