Breastfed Babies Being Flashed By Their Moms Is The Content You Need RN

by Madison Vanderberg
Breastfed Babies Being Flashed By Their Moms Is The Content You Need RN
Caroline Purser/ PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty

Moms on TikTok are flashing their breastfed babies and the result is equal parts adorable and hysterical

As the United States is reaching day number 28871 of quarantine, people are looking for literally any way to entertain themselves, which is why people over the age of 21 have started to check out TikTok. What was once an app for “the youths” is now anybody’s playground because we all need something to replace all the pre-corona things we did before like leave our houses, see other humans, go to the movies, do fun things…you get it. Now, new moms on TikTok are proving to be the best content creators because of a new TikTok challenge called “Flash your breastfed baby and see how they react.”

On TikTok, trends come and go, and right now the “flashing baby” trend is hot. In it, you play the song ‘Drop ‘Em Out” by Wheeler Walker Jr., which is a country song and about, well, pulling your boobs out for a gross old country dude. It’s not great, but moms have sorta reclaimed the song for their babes and that is something we can get behind.

To “do” the challenge. You put your baby in front of you and point the camera at them, remaining fully clothed. Then, play the song and when the beat drops, you flash your kid, and see how they react.

This is a baby looking at her regular ole mom.


This is that baby .5 seconds after mom flashes her.


She literally leans forward and LICKS. HER. LIPS.

A few more for the LOLs.

As soon as these babies get a glimpse of a boob, it’s game over. Some of these babies crawl suspiciously fast, like they were hiding their max speeds for moments like this. Is the “drop ’em out” challenge a better way to teach your baby to crawl or walk? Put on that weird country song and lift your top and it’s crawl time, baby!