The Mom's Hot Summer Manifesto


I pledge to get in the water with my kids despite the threat of cold water and cellulite.

I will have the stamina to slather SPF on a chubby, squirming body until the job is done.

I will share my last swim diaper with the mom who has run out.

I will volunteer to watch another mom’s kids so that she can jump in the waves alone with her partner.

I will not be ashamed of kicking my kids out of the backyard inflatable pool to submerge my entire, overheating body.

I will not judge the mother who takes her kids to three matinees in a row because the theater is air-conditioned and her house is not.

I accept that a baby wearing only a diaper is a perfectly acceptable summer outfit.

I will host impromptu BBQs even when my house is a mess.

I will hand out popsicles to all the kids on the block (even the expensive organic ones).

I will hand a cold bottle of water to the mom at the parade with the sweaty, crying baby who’s had enough.

I will keep my children up past their bedtime to watch fireworks and eat sugary treats.

I will initiate at least one spontaneous water fight soaking multiple kids and adults in their regular clothes.

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