The Moms of Halloween Villains | Band Of Mothers

The Moms of Halloween Villains | Band Of Mothers

by Team Scary Mommy
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Halloween is a season for all types of mothers, but especially those who’ve birthed horror icons. Watch the moms of everyone’s favorite movie killers rant and rave about their kids. This gives a whole new meaning to “killing it” as a mom.

Imagine being Norman Bates’s mom. We all want our kids to adore us, but Norman goes a smidge too far! It’s one thing to love your mom, but let us have at least one shower to ourselves, for goodness sake! Take a break and play some video games, Norman.

Michael Myers’s mom must have had it really bad! Sure, I have trouble getting my kid to take a shower, but Michael’s skin looks terrible. It looks like a mask. His mom probably has to spend tireless hours just on self-care for him. I thought I had it bad.

And then there’s Jason Voorhees’s mom. We’ve all hoped for the best for our kids, but there are inevitably disappointments. When Jason didn’t make it on the hockey team, but kept relentlessly wearing his hockey mask, his mom took it in stride. She’s trying for sleep-away camp! Seems like a good fit! If anything, it will bring out his personality. Worked for my oldest!

If you thought you had trouble sleep-training your kid, just take a second to think about what Freddy Krueger’s mom has to deal with. He still can’t sleep through the night! She’s using the cry out method. I heard it’s more like the scream out method.

Finally, on a bright note, there’s little Pennywise. I guess there is always that mom that only has good things to say about her little one. If only I had a kid that could be happy for hours just playing in a sewer. Nope! Always the amusement park and tickets are getting expensive!

This Halloween, whether you’re able to trick or treat or not, take a minute to enjoy what you’ve got. I was talking about candy. Not our kids!

Happy Halloween, Scary Mommies!

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