Parody Nails Why So Many Moms Cave To The Minivan

by Sarah Hosseini
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Moms rap about minivans in hilarious parody

You know that thing you do when your jam comes on in the car? Your song. Such a glorious feeling. You turn the volume up and maybe roll down your car windows (or roll them up, depending on how gifted you are in the singing department). Then you do an awkward car dance, moving only the top half of your body, while simultaneously embarrassing the hell out of your kids.

Well, now you minivan-owning parents have another reason to raise the roof. A group of moms made a hilarious minivan parody. The group, called The Texting Yoga Pants, remixed Montell Jordan’s popular rap song, “This Is How We Do It” and sang their praises for minivans. Seriously, can we be their groupies?

One mom sings in the video, “Yes my car’s been good to me, ever since I was a single lady, but now I’m a mommy. Tryin’ to squeeze three car seats cross a single row y’all.” Girl, we can relate.

We caught ourselves nodding our heads, and dancing along. Oh, yes, and of course coming to to terms with the old parent conundrum. To get a minivan or to not? We might be convinced after hearing this line from the song.

“I never thought I’d be that mom we all know,” a mom sings. “But I need a big trunk to stack the kids’ junk. Girl my mind just got blown!”

Any parent that knows how hard it is to lug around strollers, double strollers, baby gear and kiddie sports equipment knows the struggle of making it all fit into the trunk of a car is real. We admit, sometimes yes, minivans are easier. But is it enough to convince parents who haven’t gone to the other side yet? Maybe the chorus will convince you about just how cool minivans really are.

While singing into breast bumps they belted out….

“We could take a nap in here,” sing the women.

“Never thought I’d do it.”

“If you need a holder for your cup they’re everywhere.”

“Never thought I’d do it.”

Aw, hell. Did girlfriend say we can take naps in a minivan? Sold.

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