Mom's Reaction to Her Young Daughter Complaining About Her Looks Is Priceless

by Alison Gwinn
Originally Published: 

When dealing with her two young daughters, Holbrook had been trying hard not to put the focus on their looks, to avoid telling them how beautiful they were, because she wanted to show them her love in other ways.

And it seemed to be working. They had never asked for reassurance about their looks; they just enjoyed being themselves.

But now this. Holbrook told her daughter, “You think so? You just look like Catherine to me. And when I see Catherine, I see the person I love.”

From Holbrook’s piece: ” ‘But they’re so poofy,’ she continued, poking each perfect cheek with each perfect index finger. ‘Well,’ I shrugged, smiling, ‘you only get one body, so you might as well enjoy it.’ “

Why didn’t she just tell her daughter she was beautiful? Read more from Holbrook here.

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