Moms Are Falling For The 'How To Cook A Turkey In The Microwave' Prank And It's The Best

by Julie Scagell
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This turkey prank will make you realize we don’t deserve moms

Ahhhhh parents. They try their best to raise us to be independent, self-sufficient members of society knowing full well (after living with us for 18 years) it’s a 50/50 shot, at best.

So as a new prank circulates around social media asking people to text their moms to see how long they should microwave a turkey, the results have been sheer perfection.

Our moms and dads love us and want us to be happy. They’re also extremely gullible and can be tricked into believing our antics — because most of us have done enough stupid shit in our lives to warrant an “Are you seriously kidding me?” from them. And since they are such easy targets, it makes this even funnier.

The results certainly did not disappoint. For instance, there’s this dad who is questioning his son’s level of soberness:

This is peak mom — she’s just as concerned her daughter doesn’t have enough turkey for everyone as she is about cooking it in a microwave:

And this mom who understands this dumb of a question needs at least two F-bombs in her response:

Or the mom who knows you just need to use our child’s first name and nothing else to communicate your disappointment:

Listen, it’s hard leaving home. It’s even harder for some of us to learn to cook, especially if our moms didn’t. I remember trying to make spaghetti for my mom and she told me to put salt in so the pot didn’t boil over. I dumped a bunch of salt on the heated burner then returned the pot to the heat while she doubled over in hysterics.

This next mom is questioning what the heck her son was doing not paying attention when he was being raised:

Or the mom who wants to gently remind their kids they could die of salmonella and there’s no way in hell a 25-pound turkey is fitting in any microwave:

And this woman who asked her grandma and realized, like all of us, we don’t deserve them because they’re perfect:

Never change, parents. Never change.

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