Mom's Viral Post Nails The Contradictions Of Motherhood

by Maria Guido
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Constance Hall reminds us that motherhood is just a string of contradictions

Motherhood. We’re exhausted, but we stay up for an hour of alone time. Our kids drive us nuts, but we scroll through pictures of them the minute they walk out the door. There are a million examples of these contradictions in our daily lives, and blogger Constance Hall just reminded us of a ton of them.

In a post she shared this week, Hall sums up the reality of being a mom. Your life is a contradiction.

“You work 24 hours a day and get asked why you don’t work….

Your toddler actually ate dog shit yesterday yet won’t even try a meal that you slaved away to make him…. [You’re] never ever alone yet you always feel a bit lonely.. You haven’t enjoyed a meal in years but [you’re] gaining wait[sic] from eating scraps…. You’re always busy and always bored…”

Get out of our heads, Constance. This is getting creepy.

It’s true, as parents these are all things we experience daily. And we don’t want to bitch about them all, lest we be labeled a “martyr.” The things that isolate us in motherhood are also the things that unify us when we share them.

That’s a contradiction in and of itself.

“You spend your whole day wanting some space from the very people that you never want to leave…”

Facebook is loving Hall’s honest take on motherhood. The post has been shared nearly 20,000 times in a matter of days. And the comments are golden:

“Welcome to motherhood. You’re judged if you do, judged if you don’t and fucked either way by the guilt you’ve inflicted on yourself since conception.”

“And then your kids grow up and apparently they don’t need you anymore and you’re the biggest loser they ever met. Welcome to teens/young adults. Blah!!!”

“Dog shit is a food group in my world. Roast is dog shit in my kids world. Right now mr 4 is screaming he needs me as his blanket is off. I’m hiding outside with alcohol.”

Yup. Motherhood is the pits — and at the same time it’s the greatest thing, ever. Hall sums it up perfectly at the end of her post:

“It’s so confusing because you wouldn’t change a single thing.”

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