Hannah Ann Earned All Of Bachelor Nation's Respect Last Night

by Christina Marfice
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Peter and Hannah Ann discuss their relationship
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Hannah Ann finally stood up for herself and Bachelor Nation was here. For. It.

It’s finally here, folks. The finale of Peter’s season of The Bachelor picked up right where we left off, with Peter and Hannah Ann preparing for the final rose ceremony, and Peter having seemingly completely recovered from being dumped by Madi just days before.

“I am choosing Hannah Ann because I am 100 percent certain, and I want to choose her every day,” he said. “We are perfect for each other, and I get to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. Today is the first day I get to tell Hannah Ann, ‘I love you.'”

Bachelor Nation was skeptical of this, because we’ve all been watching the season and we know this isn’t how this would have played out had Madison not eliminated herself. But anyway.

What Peter didn’t know is that Hannah Ann had questions about all this.

“I don’t want to keep giving and giving and giving and not feeling like he’s there,” she told the Bachelor cameras. “You can only keep giving for so long before you’re at your breaking point, and that’s where I’m at.”

That’s when Chris Harrison delivered a pre-rose ceremony bombshell, a moment that’s been teased for this entire Bachelor season: “There’s something that I just found out about Hannah Ann. To be honest, I’m not positive she’s coming.”

Needless to say, Peter was shook.

Hannah did show up, though, and Peter gave her the final rose. He also proposed, and they left Australia engaged. This all took place within the first 10 minutes of the show, so you knew the story wasn’t going to end there. Plus, with all the drama with Madi leading up to this moment? There had to be more.

Cut to some post-season footage of Hannah Ann visiting Peter at one of The Bachelor‘s “happy couple” houses in Los Angeles. From the moment she walked in the door, neither of them looked happy, and things seemed very tense. Surprise, surprise — it was because Peter was about to admit how much he had been struggling, and that his heart wasn’t truly with Hannah Ann, something we all (Hannah Ann included) saw coming miles away.

“I know I’ve been honest with you about everything,” Peter began to tell her. “I have no doubt I’ve fallen in love with you and I love you. There’s no doubt about that for so many reasons. I’ve just been struggling, you know. It just kills me to put you through this and see you give everything and have me be where I’m at. I hate that.”

Hannah Ann replied, “When I said yes to you, I said yes to a partnership. And I said yes to us being teammates and working through things together. But if you can’t give me that love in return, then that’s not a relationship. I told you I would stay by your side even if it killed me, but it has to be 50/50.”

Peter continued, “I never intended to give my heart to two people. I never intended that. The pain that comes with that, I’ve just been battling it. I’ve not hid anything from you. I’ve told you everything. And even when I don’t deserve you, you never left me… I want so badly to be able to give you everything, give you my entire heart. It’s what you deserve, but I can’t do that. I’m so sorry.”

Well, at this point it was getting pretty clear that this relationship was ending. But Hannah Ann was standing her ground in a way we have see no one do this entire season of The Bachelor. And Bachelor Nation was so here for it.

“All I’ve ever asked for is for someone to give me their whole heart like I’m giving mine to them,” Hannah Ann told Peter. “You took away from me my first engagement. You took that away from me because I trusted you and that’s what you have continued to ask me to do. Be patient with me, have faith in me, trust in me.”

And with that she turned to leave, and Bachelor Nation cheered.

But Hannah Ann didn’t stop there. This wouldn’t be the most dramatic breakup in Bachelor history if she stopped there. She continued, “I said yes and you gave me this? Why didn’t you just let me go instead of taking this away from me? Torn and conflicted Peter, and all through it, I stood by your side. And you selfishly took away what should have been one of the most precious moments for me, because you couldn’t let me walk away.”

She went on to call Peter out for being so wishy washy with all his contestants all season long.

“I need someone who isn’t going to be torn and conflicted 90% of the time,” she told him. “It’s affected a lot of people. I don’t need anything more from you. You’ve done enough damage. Peter, I’m sorry but your words — you can’t be true to them? So why would I hear you out any more? I’m going to get my life back on track now.”

Walking away, she added, “I’m strong, and I’ve been my own rock throughout this, and you don’t have to worry about me.”

And with that, Hannah Ann gave her ring back and left, becoming the hero Bachelor Nation didn’t know it would get out of this long and terrible season.

Even Peter’s mom Barbara (who was absolutely in love with Hannah Ann) supported this epic takedown of her son.

We know Hannah Ann is going to be fine after this breakup, especially after seeing that. Here’s hoping she finds the love she deserves.

To no one’s surprise, the show ended with Peter and Madi getting back together. But the real twist ending was the Hannah Ann is a queen and we stan. Now let’s get her to Paradise so she can find herself a real man.

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