A Mother-Daughter Team On Hillary Clinton's Campaign

by Jill Goldenberg
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Maddie Kriger

I found out I was pregnant in February of 1992, the day I quit my job as a young attorney to be the Deputy State Director of the Bill Clinton for President primary campaign in Massachusetts. Once Bill won the nomination, I became the Issues Director in Massachusetts, all while growing enormously large. Our daughter, Madeline, was born two days before Bill was elected in November of 1992. I pumped my way through 36 hours in D.C. during the inauguration a few months later.

Today, Maddie, now almost 24, is working in Brooklyn on Hillary for America’s digital advertising team. During her teenage years, Maddie and I spent many fall afternoons in New Hampshire during election seasons holding signs and going door to door, listening and talking to voters. Maddie worked on Obama’s 2012 campaign during the summer after her freshman year of college — and when she asked if she could take a lighter course load so she could continue to work at headquarters in Chicago during the year, it didn’t take much persuading. When Hillary Clinton began her run for president, Maddie knew she had to be part of the campaign.

Jill Goldenberg

I have a very strong memory of meeting Hillary in 1992. Hillary spoke from the steps of a supporter’s home in Brookline, Massachusetts. She absolutely captivated the 40 to 50 people crammed into the hallway. Hillary spoke then of fighting for opportunities for those who don’t have a voice. Hillary talked about power and the importance of women having choices to determine their own medical care. She recalled her time working for the Children’s Defense Fund advocating for kids with disabilities. Hillary has fought for women and kids her entire life. Almost 24 years later, I knew I wanted to be part of Hillary’s campaign and am thrilled to volunteer as an organizer of travelers to swing states.

And that’s why it makes me so happy that Maddie is now is part of Hillary’s team — one of the young, tireless staffers who are working seven days a week to promote Hillary’s message to lift up all Americans. In 1992, email was still a novelty. Today, Maddie and her team use sophisticated analytics to track response rates to ads. Technology has changed in 24 years, but Hillary Clinton’s commitment to justice and to caring for families and children has not.

Jill Goldenberg

I am so proud of Maddie and so proud to support Hillary Clinton!

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