Motherhood Is Easier When Moms Unite

Motherhood Is Easier When Moms Unite


There are little things you experience in motherhood that are so slight, you may not even notice them. A stranger handing you a diaper when you’ve run out at the park. A knowing smile when your kid is throwing a tantrum at Target. A shared eyeroll when that mom from a neighboring table in a restaurant hears your mom give you advice on how to get your kid to eat.

Mom squads are everywhere — whether you know it or not. And this unspoken uniting of mothers makes life so much easier.

Other moms don’t judge.

Oh, you’re feeding you kids frozen chicken nuggets again? Who cares? The mom in line after you at the supermarket doesn’t. She’ll even give you a tip on how to put rainbow sprinkles on veggies so your kids will eat them. #MomsUnite

Other moms understand why you’ve been wearing leggings for two years.

No, you have no intention of going to the gym today. You haven’t belonged to a gym since before you had kids. Yes, you are wearing what would probably pass for fitness wear. Or you’re wearing a pair of nice leggings to the office. Other moms will never suggest you put on a pair of “real” pants. They’ll come over, curl up on your couch in their incredibly comfortable pants, and gleefully enjoy a full range of motion with you. And that stranger at Target with the toddler in her cart will probably give you a recommendation on which postpartum leggings are the best. #MomsUnite

Other moms will tell you when you have breastmilk on your shirt and spinach in your teeth.

Yes, we are pro-yoga pants, and there’s no way we’re guilting you about your wine consumption or occasional trips through the drive-thru. But we’re not going to let you go out looking like a mess. We got your back. #MomsUnite

Other moms will begrudgingly exercise with you.

Yeah, about that gym thing. Maybe you’re ready for it, maybe you’re not. Your mom squad will show up ready to at least take a walk. And if you are ready to brave the gym, you’re not going it alone. Strength in numbers, ladies. And yes, that mom you don’t know but smile at as you round the block on your daily walk counts as your squad too. #MomsUnite

Motherhood is easier when it’s done together. So next time you see that “stranger” you share a smile with on your daily walk, or another mom strikes up a conversation in line at the market, expand your squad. Life with kids is so much easier when moms unite.

Other moms recognize the value of “me time.”

Look, after a long day of taking care of someone else’s needs first, nothing feels better than pouring yourself a glass of wine, kicking your feet up, and thinking about nothing for a few minutes. Spoiler alert: You’re probably going to pass out before you finish the glass, but such is mom life. That mom in line at the market isn’t giving your wine purchase the side-eye. Ever. #MomsUnite

Breastfeeding or formula, too much screen time or not enough, SAHM or working mom. Yes, we have our differences, but we are united by a common bond: We are all strong moms. This Mother’s Day let’s unite and show the world just how strong we are together.

Post a photo of the moms in your life on Instagram and help #MomsUnite. Your #momsquad might even be featured on Sprout.