Motherhood Is Not An Island

by Mary Katherine
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Mary Katherine

Dear New Mama,

Welcome to the New World. The world that is scarier, wilder, and more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Your eyes will see differently. Your body will feel differently. And your heart—it now resides outside of your body.

I bet you are thoroughly freaked out. I bet birth was a whirlwind and maybe you had a little help at first. But eventually, the beehive will settle. And then—sweet New Mama—you need to know: We all have “that night.”

That night when it is just you, the baby, and a whole lot of tears. When no family member is nearby to reach out a helping hand. When you find no guiding words from the experts.

Yes, we’ve all had that moment of unsettling realization: You—and only you—are responsible for this exhausting, beautiful little soul. You are it, Mama. That little cherub cradled so carefully in your arms is truly defenseless, utterly dependent, and totally reliant on you.

No, no–don’t cry! This is glorious news! Believe me: As your baby was forming within you, something else miraculous was happening—a chrysalis of your soul.

You see, motherhood is a slow and careful process. The evolution is long and tedious.

But when a new butterfly emerges, it is complete. You are not an entirely new person. Motherhood has always been within you. And even though you are just discovering your wings, believe us, you are ready.

But sometimes, New Mama, readiness won’t feel like enough. Sometimes exhaustion, or a disastrous diaper change, or a scary fever, can send you into a tailspin. And in these times, at the end of your rope and slipping, it is most important for you to remember this: You are not alone.

Motherhood is not an island. It is a community, a family, and a support system that you will surely need to survive. And the sooner you find us, the happier this journey of yours will be.

So this is us asking you—begging you—to call us for help. Ask for prayers. Ask for hugs, text messages and recipes. We’ve been there. We are there. And together we are thriving.

Our arms are extended to you, New Mama. You who are stretched thin, freaked out, and uncomfortable in your postpartum body. You who feels alone or feels crowded. You who feels overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or anything in between. Things can get scary, but you are doing an amazing job.

And you don’t have to do it alone. We are here if you need us. Just ask. Please ask.

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