Stop What You're Doing, And Show Your Spouse This Video Right Now

by Samantha Angoletta
Originally Published: 
Deva Dalporto

Deva Dalporto has done it again. She’s a parody genius, taking those Top 40 earworms and weaving them into universal parenting truths that always have us shouting “Amen!’” as we laugh and attempt a half-assed singalong.

This time, though, she’s created more than a parody. She’s created a PSA to every spouse, partner, and child looking to spoil mom for Mother’s Day.

I’m looking at you, and you, and you. Watch this, and take notes.

“I want a clean house and a nanny, stay all day in my jammies.” YES!

“A gift card somewhere I like, just do the dishes tonight.” YES!

“Trips to target solo.” Also YES!

I mean, this is basically a checklist of every single thing a mom could want for Mother’s Day, especially when she picks up her MBFF, and says, “Jump in my minivan, girl lets put some miles on it.” That is exactly what I need for Mother’s Day, along with a coffee the size of my head and a good manicure. Before I go home to a clean house, and lounge around in my favorite pj’s.

So if you’re worried about how your day is going to play out, just put this on repeat for the rest of the week, and tell your family to take the hint(s).

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