MSNBC Reporter’s Toddler Adorably Interrupts Live Broadcast

by Christina Marfice
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This MSNBC clip is giving us flashbacks to BBC Dad in 2017

The thing about young kids is that they don’t really care, like at all, if you’re trying to do your job. That’s even true if your job happens on live TV. When your kid wants a parent, they want a parent, viewers notwithstanding. That’s a lesson MSNBC reporter Courtney Kube learned this week when she took her kids to work and one of them decided he wanted some mom time while she was live on air.

Kube was reporting for MSNBC about developments in Syria, which is, you know, kind of a serious subject. That’s when her toddler son appeared in the frame, standing beside her chair, smiling up at her and raising his arms like he wanted to be picked up.

Kube did her best to keep talking about Syria, which can be a tough subject to talk about coherently with adults, let alone when your kid is on the floor clamoring for your attention. She had a real ally in the producer’s room who chose that moment to cut to a graphic, but still, moms everywhere saw a look on Kube’s face that they all know intimately.

Because this is not something that’s new for working moms. Every mom that has ever worked from home or had to take her kids to work with her knows exactly what Kube went through during that broadcast. Kids gonna kid, with basically no regard for the job you have to do to keep their snacks stocked and the Netflix subscription paid.

And no, dads aren’t immune to this either. Remember BBC dad in 2017, who tried to give a very serious interview from his home office and immediately regretted it when his kids strutted in like they owned the place? Kube’s situation is giving us serious flashbacks to that hilarious moment, sorry, not sorry.

That’s the upside when this sort of thing happens: It’s hilarious to all the people watching. And even better when it happens on live TV so it can go viral on the internet. The people of Twitter have been loving everything about Kube’s adorable work visitor.

People are also applauding MSNBC for allowing Kube to keep her kids so close by that they’re basically on top of her at the office.

Who knows, maybe MSNBC can learn from this video’s viral success and make reporters’ kids a standard part of regular broadcasts. Kids and parents get to hang out, more people watch the news — that’s a win-win.

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