Entire Internet Loses It Over This Muddy Bulldog And Her Owner's Reaction

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/@sarahashlev

You will be Rose the Bulldog’s biggest fan by the end of this viral video

Anyone with dogs knows the aggravation of wiping muddy paws this time of year. Everything is wet, everything is mucky, and if there is dirt in your backyard, your dog will find it. Enter Rose, the cutest, mud-loving bulldog puppy you’ve ever seen. She’s also the star of the internet’s latest viral video (along with her human) because of her muddy hijinks, and every second of it is a must-watch.

Twitter user @sarahashlev shared the video of her aunt, Rose’s owner, lovingly recording her precious new puppy as she enjoys a mudbath.

“My aunt got a new puppy and sent us this video and I think I’ve watched it approximately 37 times.”

It’s all fun and games until those last two seconds when Rose decides she’s going for it, full-throttle, and scurries her filthy self right into her human’s pristine house. The blood-curdling scream of horror at the very end is just:

Rose’s human’s lovely Southern drawl as she coos at her adorable little puppy is literally the perfect juxtaposition to that horror-movie scream at the end.

Naturally, as the video began gaining steam, the entire internet collectively began losing it over this Perfect Content™.

Welp, speaking of sequels, there is one! In case you thought perhaps the woman was overreacting a tad (if so you would, of course, be a. wrong, and b. probably a man), there is a follow-up video showing the extent of Rose’s muddy trail throughout the house.

Folks, the mud is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Rose might have been frolicking with joy, but she did not come to play.

Rose’s human will likely never leave her back door open ever again for as long as she breathes air. But damn, what a great video — basically, Rose the Bulldog walked so the internet could run.