The Muppets Stole The Show Last Night In Hilarious 'SNL' Skit

by Kristine Cannon
muppets skit snl

Keegan-Michael Key and Kenan Thompson played security guards on The Muppets Show — and things quickly got out of hand

Last night on Saturday Night Live, viewers were treated to the expansive talents of Keegan-Michael Key. Key not only kicked the show off in song, but he also starred in what might be the greatest spoof on the hit Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. And then the skit spoofing The Muppets Show happened — and viewers weren’t the only people nearly crying of laughter. Key and cast member Kenan Thompson could hardly keep it together, too.

In the sketch, Kermit the Frog was doing his thing as host of the The Muppet Show — alongside Melissa Villaseñor’s Lily Tomlin — when he was interrupted by Statler and Waldorf’s heckling up in the balcony.

“Friends, our show tonight is gonna be a blast!” Kermit tells the audience.

“Yeah, ‘cuz it’s a bomb!” Statler retorts, as Waldorf laughs on.

And that’s when Thompson and Key arrive on scene as two security guards who take their job very, very seriously.

“Hey! Shut up!” Thompson tells the hecklers, but they’re incessant.

“I’m not gonna tell you again, fellas,” Key warns them. “What happens next is up to you.”

“But the show is bad,” Waldorf replies, to which Key quickly responded, “Then you are more than welcome to leave!”

“We don’t give a hot damn for the show,” Thompson later says, to which Key replies, “We work for the venue. Everybody paid good money to hear this little dragon and his friends do they’re thing. So, please, let them do their thing without talking.”

Eventually, Key joins the hecklers up in the balcony, and this where things take a turn for the weird — and hilarious — leading Thompson to break. You see, up in the balcony, Key beats up Statler, and when Statler comes back on screen, he’s has purple, swollen eyes — and Thompson loses it.

Later, when the security guards discover the Muppets don’t have any legs, they apologize.

“Oh, snap! We didn’t realize you guys didn’t have no legs,” Key says.

“Sorry, we didn’t know y’all were veterans,” Key apologizes. “Thank you for your service.”

The security guards then join in on the heckling, calling Kermit “Kramer”: “Hey Kramer, hey Kramer … you stupid.”

Key’s other hit skit was a spoof on the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. SNL‘s “Extended Scene” sees Key as Jordan placing a coin toss bet with body John Michael Wozniak, brilliantly and effortlessly played by Heidi Gardner.

But Gardner wasn’t the only cast member to flawlessly portray characters from the documentary: Chris Redd played Dennis Rodman and Kenan Thompson was Charles Barkley.

“The thing about Mikey is that he didn’t want to just beat you, he wanted to dominate you,” Redd’s Dennis Rodman says. “He wanted to embarrass you.”

Eventually, Gardner’s Wozniak loses his pants as he continues to lose against Key’s Jordan.

“If you’re not playing to win, why play?” Key says.

Viewers loved it.

SNL airs Saturdays at 11:30 ET.