My Google Searches: A Reflection of My Age

by Christina Antus
Originally Published: 

20s: Best hiking trails near the beach

30s: Closest playgrounds

20s: Best deals on Manolo Blahniks

30s: Stride Rite Clearance Sale

20s: Romantic Valentine’s Day ideas

30s: Zoo coupons/specials on Valentine’s Day

20s: Swimsuits

30s: Can you wear Spanx under swimsuits

20s: Top vehicles for off-roading

30s: Top vehicles for safety

20s: Best hotel casinos in Vegas for singles

30s: Budget hotels with waterparks

20s: Hangover recovery

30s: Gallstone symptoms

20s: Local wineries

30s: How many calories are in light beer

20s: 5K races

30s: 5K races for kids

20s: Theme party cocktails

30s: How much toothpaste can a toddler safely consume?

20s: Taco Bell menu

30s: Low carb, low sodium, gluten-free, kid-friendly dinner recipes

20s: Bon Jovi concert dates

30s: Who is Ariana Grande

20s: How to write an amazing cover letter and resume

30s: Whirlpool replacement heating element part availability

20s: Best-selling books

30s: Infant Tylenol dosage chart

20s: How to house train a puppy

30s: Advanced Maternal Age pregnancies

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