15 Things My Mom Taught Me That I Remember Every Day

by Leslie Kendall Dye
Originally Published: 

1. Hair is meant to frame your face, not hang stringy. Ignore whatever your boyfriend or girlfriend says on the matter.

2. Perfume destroys pearls.

3. It’s different from, not different than.

4. There is no such thing as reality, only lighting.

5. You can never wear too much blush, spray too much Windex or floss too frequently.

6. Intolerance is intolerable.

7. Except for stringy hair. Ditto for bad grammar.

8. Kindness matters more than cleanliness.

9. Baste every 10 minutes if you want the turkey to be both crispy and juicy.

10. Put sliced potatoes in cold water to avoid yucky browning.

11. Desitin cures blisters.

12. Be mysterious. (Oh, Mom, I’ve tried.)

13. Women are not the enemy.

14. Passover is better with show tunes. Christmas is better with jazz.

15. Write it down; it will make a great story.

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