'Nailed It' Is The Purest Thing On Netflix Right Now

by Christine Organ
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Everyone knows Netflix is filled with some kickass shows to cure your blahs. But let’s be honest — as amazing as Schitt’s Creek, Carmen Sandiego, and Tidying Up are, Nailed It just might be the purest of them all.

Here are just a few reasons Nailed It has nailed it when it comes to feel-good, need-to-be-reminded-that-life-isn’t-a-complete-dumpster fire shows.

1. Everyone is genuinely having a great time.

It’s impossible to watch this show and not laugh. Even the hosts are prone to fits of giggles that are downright contagious. What’s better, there are no fake smiles and smart jabs at other hosts or contestants; they all genuinely seem to like each other, which is such a rarity these days.


2. Nailed It Motto #1: Low expectations aren’t something to be ashamed of; they’re celebrated.

When the entire premise of the show centers around the failed attempts of amateurs to recreate masterpieces of professionals, well, there’s gotta be some flops. MASSIVE FLOPS. And that’s okay! Because, after all, good enough is good enough sometimes.


3. Nailed It Motto #2: when your best isn’t good enough, just pretend it isn’t happening.

Look over there. Or there. Or anywhere other than the hot mess that’s happening right here.

Now that’s some #lifegoals inspiration I can get behind.


4. Nailed It Motto #3: Sometimes you’re a damn goddess.

And that shit needs to be celebrated. Because we’re all freaking brilliant…sometimes…and in our own quirky ways.


5. The show is a freaking love fest.

Two words: LOVE. FEST.


6. There’s a money gun.

While most of these shows give out some kind of cash prize, Nailed It literally showers you with cash. And who doesn’t want money to literally rain down on them? I sure wouldn’t turn that down.


7. It’s entertaining for the entire family.

My 9-year-old loves it. My 70-something-year-old dad binged the holiday season one afternoon. My husband and I, of course, love it. Heck, even my hard-to-please almost teenager will watch it with us. And how many shows out there will make that many people laugh their butts off?

8. You can be yourself.

Even when that means acknowledging your missteps and less-than-perfect moments?


But then there are also those times when you’re on fire and so hot you need a fan to cool yourself down.


9. Sometimes you just need to PANIC.

As a self-professed “drama queen” who’s prone to the occasional (unwarranted) freak out, I especially love the show’s panic button. Because it takes a village, dammit. Whether it’s with respect to raising kids or figuring out how the hell to work with royal icing.


10. The show doesn’t mess around with fancy.

Also, Nicole Byer speaks the truth: stand mixers are dumb.


11. And when all else fails, resort to Plan B.

Bottom line, there are two words that will make your time in the kitchen that must easier: Store Bought.


When it comes to shows that lift your spirits, create some belly laughs, and make you feel a little better about your own lackluster culinary skills, Nailed It has…well, nailed it.

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