15 Names For Your Capricorn Baby

by Rita Templeton
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Babies born between December 22nd and January 20th are the GOAT. And though pop culture might see that as an acronym for “greatest of all time,” astrology sees it as the symbol of a Capricorn: literally, the goat. Or if you want to get precise, it’s the sea-goat, because the Capricorn glyph has the head of a goat and the tail of a fish.

This is because Capricorns are said to be stubbornly persistent and hardworking (you know how mountain goats scale near-vertical mountain walls like it’s nothing? Yeah … that), and are very driven and goal-oriented — hence the fish tail propelling them forward.

They can be a bit pessimistic, and aren’t always open about their feelings; they’re the “strong, silent type” because they don’t easily trust people. But once they do, they’re generous and fiercely loyal.

If your newest arrival is expected to fall under this steady and dependable sign, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of perfect names for Capricorn babies.

1. Aran

In Hebrew, this name means “wild goat” — and you already know why this is a fitting name for a little Capricorn! If Aran isn’t your cup of tea, though, there’s also the more buttoned-up-sounding Giles, which is derived from a Greek name meaning “young goat.”

2. Will

While Will is often short for William, it’s also a word that indicates a person’s desire to do something. And Capricorns are known for their sheer determination and strong … you guessed it … will.

3. Nia

Along the same lines as Will, but decidedly more feminine-sounding, we have Nia: a Swahili name that means “purpose.”

4. Pansy

Capricorns are known for their deep thought and careful consideration, and that’s why the pansy was chosen to symbolize their star sign; its name comes from the French verb pensée, which means “thought.”

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5. Sabri

Another hallmark Capricorn trait is patience, and that’s exactly what the name Sabri means: “patient.”

6. Saturn

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, named for the Roman god of agriculture. And space-inspired names are in right now (look no further than Luna for proof). But if Saturn is a little too “out there” for you — pun totally intended — you may want to consider Shani, which is from the Sanskrit name for the planet Saturn.

7. Garnet

Speaking of Saturn, this beautiful gemstone — the garnet — is said to attract the planet’s energy, which is why it’s the Capricorn zodiac birthstone. If wearing the stone is considered lucky for Caps, just think about what naming your little one after it could do! Other stones associated with the sign, which also make great names, are Ruby and Onyx.

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8. Ila

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Grounded and practical, Capricorn is an earth sign. And Ila means “earth” in Sanskrit.

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9. George

You might be wondering how George fits into a list of names for Capricorn babies, but it’s actually the perfect name for more than one reason. It means “farmer,” which not only fits into the earth-sign element, but ties into Saturn — Capricorn’s ruling planet and the Roman god of agriculture — as well.

10. Amalia

Caps are the workhorses of the zodiac, known for their dedication to their jobs and work ethic. And Amalia is derived from a German work meaning “work.” But if Amalia doesn’t “work” for you (see what we did there?), give Ida a try; it means “hardworking and industrious.”

11. Felix

Where there’s hard work, there’s success, which is why many Capricorns are very accomplished at their careers and at life in general. And Felix means “happy and successful.” Perfection!

12. Gray

Capricorns aren’t typically flashy and flamboyant, so the colors that represent their star sign are a muted palette of gray, khaki, and navy. That’s perfect, since muted color names are steadily gaining popularity.

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13. Mira

Chaos and fast-paced living aren’t Capricorns’ favorite circumstances; they favor peace, away from the hustle and bustle. And the name Mira means “peace,” which perfectly sums up Caps’ preferred way of life. For boys, you can choose Solomon; its meaning is the same (and, as a plus, has the benefit of the sweet and simple nickname Sol).

14. Ethan

Ethan means “enduring strength,” and like the goat that symbolizes their star sign, Capricorns are notoriously strong and stubborn.

15. Galen

A calm, unruffled demeanor is another trait that defines people born under Capricorn. Galen means “calm” — but so do Malie, Stellan, and Zola, so you can choose the one you like best without compromising that definitive Capricorn meaning.

Whether you plan your schedule, your outfit, and your next meal around your zodiac sign or just check your ‘scope once in a while for the hell of it, knowing a sign’s associated traits can be fun. At the very least, astrology can make you feel like you understand yourself and your loved ones on a deeper level.

And since you’re going to have a Capricorn baby, let’s hope that the “calm” trait is the one that stands out the most during the first few years.

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