180+ Names That Mean Water, Including In Other Languages

180+ Names That Mean Water And Give Us Life

October 24, 2021 Updated November 22, 2021

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When selecting names for their baby, parents consider several factors, including a name’s meaning, origin, and particular characteristics or personality traits it is associated with. Names that mean water touch on all of the above, making them a popular choice with parents. After all, there are few things as vital to human existence as water. Yes, we need to eat, but without water, crops couldn’t grow, and livestock couldn’t survive. Look at any ancient civilization or cities founded before the technological advances of the 19th and 20th centuries: Most (if not all) grew up around a body of water, whether it was the ocean, a natural harbor, a river, or a lake.

Water is extremely powerful too. Not only is it needed to sustain life, but in situations like hurricanes and floods, it can also cause a lot of destruction. Either way, water dictates our future.

To honor this incredible element, we’ve compiled a massive list of names that mean water for girls and boys, as well as some that are gender-neutral.

Girl Names that Mean Water

Here is a selection of girl names that mean “water,” or have some sort of connection to water:

  1. Adria:
    Meaning: sea or water (Latin)
  2. Adriana
    Meaning: sea or water (Latin)
  3. Alda
    Meaning: wave (Icelandic)
  4. Alma
    Meaning: river in Crimea
  5. Amaya
    Meaning: night rain (Basque)
  6. Anahita
    Meaning: water and river goddess (Persian)
  7. Asita
    Meaning: River Yamuna (Sanskrit)
  8. Avonlea
    Meaning: field by the river (English)
  9. Beverley/Beverly
    Meaning: beaver stream; meadow (English)
  10. Breena
    Meaning: little drop of water (Irish)
  11. Brenna
    Meaning: moisture; drop (Irish)
  12. Brooke
    Meaning: small stream (Irish)
  13. Brooklynn
    Meaning: small stream (Irish)
  14. Chamiree
    Meaning: crooked stream (French)
  15. Chandania
    Meaning: river (Indian)
  16. Cherith
    Meaning: winter stream (Hebrew)
  17. Cordelia
    Meaning: daughter of the sea (Welsh)
  18. Darya
    Meaning: sea (Iranian)
  19. Dayla
    Meaning: to draw water (Hebrew)
  20. Delta
    Meaning: triangle of land formed by water (Greek)
  21. Doris
    Meaning: gift of the ocean (Greek)
  22. Dwyn
    Meaning: wave (Welsh)
  23. Evian
    Meaning: spa town in France
  24. Guadalupe
    Meaning: river with black stones (Spanish)
  25. Guinevere
    Meaning: white wave (Welsh)
  26. Hali
    Meaning: sea (Greek)
  27. Jenna
    Meaning: white wave (Welsh)
  28. Jennifer
    Meaning: white wave (English)
  29. Kaimana
    Meaning: power of the ocean (Hawaiian)
  30. Kendra
    Meaning: clear water (Anglo-Saxon)
  31. Lindsey
    Meaning: linden trees near the water (English)
  32. Loire
    Meaning: from Loire River in France (French)
  33. Lucerne
    Meaning: lake (Swiss)
  34. Lupe:
    Meaning wolf river (Spanish)
  35. Lupeta
    Meaning: wolf river (Spanish)
  36. Lyre
    Meaning: fork in the river (English)
  37. Marella
    Meaning: shining sea (Latin)
  38. Marilla
    Meaning: shining sea (Latin)
  39. Marina
    Meaning: a basin on a shore of a body of water (Latin)
  40. Maya
    Meaning: water (Hebrew)
  41. Mayim
    Meaning: water (Hebrew)
  42. Meredith
    Meaning: protector of the ocean (Welsh)
  43. Michal
    Meaning: tiny drops of water (Hebrew)
  44. Mira
    Meaning: ocean; sea (Sanskrit)
  45. Misty
    Meaning: sea mist (English)
  46. Moana
    Meaning: sea (Polynesian)
  47. Muriel
    Meaning: of the bright sea (Celtic)
  48. Nahla
    Meaning: first drink of water in the desert (Arabic)
  49. Naida
    Meaning: water nymph (Latin)
  50. Namra
    Meaning: delicious water (Indian)
  51. Narelle
    Meaning: from the North; a river in New South Wales (Scandinavian)
  52. Noelani
    Meaning: heavenly mist (Hawaiian)
  53. Oceana
    Meaning: ocean (Greek)
  54. Reva
    Meaning: rain (Hindi)
  55. Rhea
    Meaning: flowing (Greek)
  56. Rheanna
    Meaning: stream; goddess (Welsh)
  57. Ria
    Meaning: flowing (Danish)
  58. Rihanna
    Meaning: nymph (Celtic)
  59. Rosemary
    Meaning: dew of the sea (Latin)
  60. Sabrina
    Meaning: from the river Severn (Celtic)
  61. Salila
    Meaning: water (Indian)
  62. Sarita
    Meaning: river (Indian)
  63. Sereia
    Meaning: mermaid; siren (Latin)
  64. Talia
    Meaning: gentle rain (Hebrew)
  65. Tallulah
    Meaning: leaping water (Indigenous American)
  66. Zarna
    Meaning: sweet water (Indian)
  67. Zarya
    Meaning: water priestess (Slavic)

Boy Names That Mean Water

Here is a selection of boy names that mean “water,” or have some sort of connection to water:

  1. Adair
    Meaning: river near oaks (Scottish)
  2. Afron
    Meaning: river (Welsh)
  3. Afton
    Meaning: from Afton River (Celtic)
  4. Alon
    Meaning: wave (Tagalog)
  5. Alton
    Meaning: town or source of river (English)
  6. Andreus
    Meaning: on of river Peneius (Greek)
  7. Arnon
    Meaning: rushing stream (Hebrew)
  8. Bergren
    Meaning: mountain stream (Scandinavian)
  9. Brodny
    Meaning: one who lives near a stream (Slavic)
  10. Brookes
    Meaning: small stream (English)
  11. Brooks
    Meaning: running water (English)
  12. Calder
    Meaning: stream (English)
  13. Chilton
    Meaning: a town by the river (Anglo-Saxon)
  14. Dalas
    Meaning: valley of water (Irish)
  15. Dallan
    Meaning: valley of water (Irish)
  16. Douglas
    Meaning: dark water (Scottish)
  17. Dougy
    Meaning: dark water (Scottish)
  18. Fenton
    Meaning: marsh town (English)
  19. Firth
    Meaning: arm of the sea (Scottish)
  20. Ford
    Meaning: river crossing (English)
  21. Gafar
    Meaning: stream (Arabic)
  22. Hudson
    Meaning: from Hudson River or Hudson Bay (English)
  23. Jafar
    Meaning: little stream (Hindi)
  24. Kallan
    Meaning: flowing water (Scandinavian)
  25. Kalloll
    Meaning: large waves (Indian)
  26. Kaveri
    Meaning: sacred river of India (Hindi)
  27. Kelvin
    Meaning: from the narrow river (Gaelic)
  28. Lincoln
    Meaning: settlement by water (English)
  29. Malik
    Meaning: wave (Greenland)
  30. Maren/Marin
    Meaning: sea (Latin)
  31. Moses
    Meaning: drawn from the water (Hebrew)
  32. Moss
    Meaning: drawn from the water (English)
  33. Ninad
    Meaning: gentle sound of water (Indian)
  34. Odine
    Meaning: little wave (Latin)
  35. Ohio
    Meaning: large river (Indigenous American)
  36. Paroo
    Meaning: graceful flow of water (Indian)
  37. Pavati:
    Meaning clear water (Indigenous American)
  38. Pulin
    Meaning: river (Indian)
  39. Redford
    Meaning: red river crossing (English)
  40. Rilian
    Meaning: small stream (German)
  41. Rio
    Meaning: river (Spanish)
  42. Ryver
    Meaning: river (Anglo-Saxon)
  43. Sachiel
    Meaning: angel of water (Greek)
  44. Sagara
    Meaning: Ocean (Hindi)
  45. Sailor/Saylor
    Meaning: boatman (French)
  46. Salil
    Meaning: water (Indian)
  47. Severin
    Meaning: river in England (English)
  48. Siva
    Meaning: Lord, water (Indian)
  49. Strom
    Meaning: stream (German)
  50. Tahoe
    Meaning: edge of the lake (Indigenous American)
  51. Troy
    Meaning: water or foot soldier (French)
  52. Wade
    Meaning: river crossing (English)

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Water

Here is a selection of gender-neutral names that mean “water,” or something water-related:

  1. Abital
    Meaning: my father is the night dew (Hebrew)
  2. Adva
    Meaning: small wave, ripple (Hebrew)
  3. Aeron
    Meaning: a small river in Wales (Welsh)
  4. Aqua
    Meaning: from the color aqua (Latin)
  5. Ara
    Meaning: brings rain (Arabic)
  6. Arna
    Meaning: wave; stream (Indian)
  7. Baia
    Meaning: bay (Portuguese)
  8. Bay
    Meaning: broad inlet (English)
  9. Bayou
    Meaning: a small stream (French)
  10. Beckett
    Meaning: stream (English)
  11. Brennan
    Meaning: drop of moisture (Irish)
  12. Brooklyn
    Meaning: small stream (Irish)
  13. Cascade
    Meaning: falling water (French)
  14. Clyde
    Meaning: one who washes (Scottish)
  15. Coral
    Meaning: underwater semi-precious sea growth (Latin)
  16. Dallas
    Meaning: valley of water (Irish)
  17. Dylan
    Meaning: tide flow (Welsh)
  18. Eira
    Meaning: snow (Welsh)
  19. Euri
    Meaning: rain (Basque)
  20. Eyre
    Meaning: a lake in Australia
  21. Fisher
    Meaning: fisherman (English)
  22. Fjord
    Meaning: pass over water (Norwegian)
  23. Harbor
    Meaning: protection; shelter (German)
  24. India
    Meaning: river (Sanskrit)
  25. Isa
    Meaning: Ice (German)
  26. Isla
    Meaning: island (Scottish)
  27. Itzel
    Meaning: dew; nectar; fluid (Indigenous American)
  28. Jamaica
    Meaning: land of food and water (Indigenous American)
  29. Jordan
    Meaning: descend or flow (Hebrew)
  30. Jubal
    Meaning: stream (Hebrew)
  31. Kai
    Meaning: water (Hawaiian)
  32. Kelby
    Meaning: dweller at the farm by the spring (English)
  33. Kenga
    Meaning: river (Indian)
  34. Kline
    Meaning: river (Scottish)
  35. Laguna
    Meaning: pond or lake (Italian)
  36. Lake
    Meaning: lake (English)
  37. Leith
    Meaning: wet or damp (Celtic)
  38. Locklyn
    Meaning: lake land (Scottish)
  39. Lynn
    Meaning: lake (Welsh)
  40. Mar
    Meaning: sea (Portuguese, Spanish)
  41. Maris
    Meaning: of the sea (Latin)
  42. Marlowe
    Meaning: driftwood (English)
  43. Monroe
    Meaning: dweller at the red marsh (Irish)
  44. Morgan
    Meaning: seaborn (Welsh)
  45. Nebula
    Meaning: misty (Latin)
  46. Nira
    Meaning: pure water (Indian)
  47. Nirvelli
    Meaning: water child (Indigenous American)
  48. Nixie
    Meaning: water sprite or nymph (German)
  49. Oceane
    Meaning: Ocean (French)
  50. Rain
    Meaning: rain (English)
  51. Raine
    Meaning: rain (English)
  52. Rainey
    Meaning: rain (English)
  53. Rayan
    Meaning: land lush and rich in water (Arabic)
  54. River
    Meaning: river (Latin)
  55. Shandy
    Meaning: wise river (English)
  56. Shannon
    Meaning: name of a river in Ireland
  57. Shore
    Meaning: seashore (English)
  58. Whitney
    Meaning: from clear water (English)
  59. Winslet
    Meaning: Wynn’s stream (English)

No matter which name you choose for your child, one with a connection to water may help them go with the flow in life.

Greek Sea Goddesses

Greek names have a knack for sounding so pretty and are always a safe way to go. So if you’re thinking about naming your daughter after one of these supernatural beings of the sea, see below for some aquatic options. 

  1. Aphrodite: We all know Aphrodite as the goddess of love, but did you know she was born from seafoam? 
  2. Argyra: This sea nymph doesn’t have a direct tie to water, but she fell in love with a man named Selemnus, who turned into a river. 
  3. Benthesicyme: This sea nymph is a daughter of Poseidon. The name means deep wave.