Baby Names With Hidden Nature Meanings For Your Little Wildling

Baby Names With Hidden Nature Meanings For Your Little Wildling

by Team Scary Mommy
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Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! These are the best names with meanings rooted in nature that could work for boys and girls. You don’t have to be obvious with a name like Leaf or Tree. In fact, a lot of names you know have hidden nature meanings. In this episode, we are going to test our duos to see if they know the hidden meanings behind names they’ve likely heard before. Let’s see how they do! SUBSCRIBE: ScaryMommyTV.

The name, Deborah, probably reminds you of some annoying lady at work, but did you know that it’s got a meaning that derives from nature? It means bee! So, when Deborah is buzzing around the office with gossip, now you know why.

Paloma! Ah, Paloma! Our duos were hard pressed to figure the meaning of this name out, but it simply means dove. It’s of Spanish origin. So, if you ever spread your dove wings and take flight to a Spanish speaking country, at least you know the meaning of one word – Paloma! Also, a great name for a baby.

I know what you’re thinking – Paloma is a feminine name. Never fear! Jonah means dove too. This time its origin is Hebrew.

There are more surprises for our duos and maybe you too in this episode. Who knows? Maybe your name has a hidden nature meaning too.

Happy naming!

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