‘Napercise’ Is The Best Way To Get Parents To Hit The Gym

by Valerie Williams
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Napercise is a gym class no parent would ever miss

As moms, it seems like we manage to fit in everything but sleep. Oh, and going to the gym. Sure, there are those among us who make breaking a sweat a priority, but for most parents with an extra hour to spare, sleep is where it’s at. Luckily, you can now do both thanks to a gym that offers napping classes for exhausted adults. And who’s more exhausted than parents?

Fluff up your pillow and get excited. This is our kind of gym class.

Mashable reports that the most amazing “fitness” idea of all time comes to us courtesy of David Lloyd Clubs in the UK. We know that’s a long trip across the pond for a gym class, so we’re pinning our hopes on the buzz surrounding this genius idea hitting the states very soon. Because holy shit, we’re tired.

It’s called Napercise, and please shut up and take our money. You show up, grab a blindfold, claim a bed, and 45 minutes of uninterrupted slumber is yours. It’s not a full hour of sleep because the first and last minutes of the class are focused on tension-relieving stretches, which sounds lovely. The room is kept at the ideal temperature for sleeping and you get your own blanket. It’s just like nap time at preschool, but no floors sticky with apple juice.

David Lloyd Clubs’ video about Napercise cites the sad statistic that a quarter of parents get less than five hours of sleep a night, and frankly, five hours is just bragging. We’re pretty sure the bottom quarter only get two or three. But they’re not wrong that many parents are lacking in the Z’s department. We need all the help we can get.

The best part of this class would be the Facebook posts boasting that you’re going to the gym and get to take a nap. That’s like the holy grail for parents. You know all those insufferable friends in your feed posting their 10-mile run times and strict dietary habits? Let them try to compete with nap class at the gym. Spoiler alert: they can’t. You win.

Thing is, us parents never miss appointments and things we’re scheduled to attend. Even on the odd chance we can grab 40 winks, we usually try to catch up on laundry or have an actual adult conversation or catch up on Netflix. Maybe paying for a gym class we have to show up for regularly is the only way we can get some much-needed snooze time.

The first run of classes are happening at David Lloyd Clubs this weekend and if successful, will be added to their regular schedule. Let’s hope it works and the napping class craze spreads quickly, because we’re so ready to sign up.

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