These Narwhal Coloring Pages Are Proof Narwhals Are The Coolest Sea Creatures

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Narwhal Coloring Pages
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One of the best things about narwhals is the mystery surrounding these rare animals. Many people don’t even think they’re real! And, hey, that’s understandable. With a big horn like a unicorn and a flappy tail like a mermaid, it’s no wonder narwhals often get mistaken for fictional creatures. (That horn, by the way, is actually a tooth. Sort of a scary fact, but very true.) That said, narwhals may someday be extinct, as they’re currently on the endangered list. So, a fantastic way to help them out is to learn more about them. With that in mind, we created a collection of narwhal coloring pages perfect for curious grown-ups and kiddos alike.

For fans of blue, white, and gray, a narwhal coloring page is a great excuse to bust out your favorites. Of course, narwhal coloring pages can be any color you like. Part of what makes coloring so much fun is getting creative. If ever there was a time to use your imagination with coloring, it’s while coloring a fascinating creature like a narwhal.

Print out these coloring pages to share with your family. And since narwhals are such precious creatures that deserve a little more spotlight, you can learn more about them (and the number of narwhals that are currently left) below. As we all learned as elementary school students, knowledge is power.

Free Printable Narwhal Coloring Pages

Narwhal No. 1

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This narwhal looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world! Happy in the ocean, he looks like he’s just waiting to be colored in. In case you’re curious, most narwhals live in Canada, Norway, Russia, and Greenland. You can create your own story of where this joyful guy originated.

Narwhal No. 2

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It’s likely pictures like this that make people forget that narwhals are real. They may be one of the closest things to unicorns that we have on Earth. (And if unicorns liked swimming, even more so!) In fact, in 1577, English explorer Martin Frobisher saw a dead narwhal and described it as a sea unicorn.

Narwhal No. 3

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This narwhal coloring page is a bit more realistic than the last two, especially regarding tusk placement. Did you know that some male narwhals have more than one tusk? Even crazier, one tusk can grow up to 10 feet. Oh, also, their tusk is actually considered a tooth, which gives new meaning to “long in the tooth.” And speaking of being long in the tooth, narwhals live approximately 50 years, which is pretty standard for whales. Whales differ a lot when it comes to how they’d define “old age.” Blue whales can live between 80 and 90 years, whereas a beluga whale averages between 35 and 50 years. Bowhead whales surpass most others, living up to 200 years. (But unlike the narwhal, they’re not as much fun to color!)

Regardless, we imagine the narwhal’s tusk could be why not too many other species happen to mess with the creature. Its primary predator in nature is the killer whale.

Narwhal No. 4

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This narwhal is a bit of a softer version of the last. With a big smile on its face, it could have been coming back from a nice lunch. Speaking of predators in nature, the narwhal typically eats fish, squid, and shrimp. That means that their diet may look a little like your own. What most decidedly does not look like your own are the narwhal’s exploratory habits. Did you know these animals can dive about a mile deep in the ocean?

Narwhal No. 5

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This narwhal has earned its spots! Many narwhals are white with black spots. That means that, technically, this coloring page could already seem “colored in” by the time you print it. If you want to experiment with some off-white colors, though, it could seriously make this page pop. Fun fact: Narwhals are not easy to track. They are also about 50 percent body fat and travel in pods that range from two to more than a hundred. When it comes to narwhales, unique is an understatement.

Narwhal No. 6

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Are narwhals endangered?

As mentioned before, narwhals are endangered. And, sadly, they’re in worse shape than you may think. There are reportedly 80,000 narwhals left in existence, and most of them have been hanging out in Canada. In fact, an estimated 75 percent are currently there right now. That 75 percent breaks down into two groups — the Baffin Bay population and the Hudson Bay population.

So, what’s causing narwhals’ endangerment if they don’t have too many natural predators? Climate change is a big one. Since there’s been a decrease in ice thickness, the population has dwindled. Narwhals are also very sensitive animals. There aren’t any narwhales in captivity because they don’t do well outside of their natural habitat. When scientists first tried it, all the narwhals died within a few months.

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