'I'm Going To Build A Rocket Ship Out Of A Trash Can': NASA Endorses Little Girl's Big Dreams

by Valerie Williams
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A little girl wants to build a rocket ship out of trash and NASA is being adorably supportive

Humans of New York is at it again with another touching photo and accompanying story that will remind you of what it’s like to be a kid and think that anything is possible. The amazing part is that when a little girl said she dreamt of building a rocket ship, a pretty important organization took her quite seriously.

It was just NASA, no big deal at all.

Humans of New York, ye of the heartbreaking recent post about a pediatric oncologist, brings us an adorable photo of a little girl. And includes her amazing idea, in her own words.

“I’m going to build a rocket ship out of a trash can and some wood and a bubble that never pops, and then I’m going to test it out to see if it goes somewhere, and if it goes somewhere, I’ll go to outer space and see things that people never even saw before.”

First of all, that’s a seriously cool plan. The only thing I’ve been crafting in the deep recesses of my brain lately is my summer eye shadow palette and a new margarita recipe while this kid is ready to change the god damn universe. Her childlike enthusiasm and inventiveness is an excellent reminder that none of us should stop dreaming big, even once we’re adults and the world has knocked us on our asses a few times. And the coolest part of her story? NASA was totally supportive. They even quasi-invited her to work for them someday.

Every child has outlandish ideas of what they’ll do when they grow up. My daughter is eight and entirely convinced she will someday juggle a life as a pediatrician, professional softball player and rock-star. Of course, we tell her she can do anything, but we’re not Katy Perry or a member of Team USA. Can you imagine what it meant to this little girl to see freaking NASA telling her her dream job could be a reality?

The comments from HONY followers echo that sentiment. When did we all give up, fellow adults? It’s so sad.

Clearly, this little girl’s vision and ingenuity struck a chord with so many who vaguely recall what it was like to be little and assume that they could do anything. That literally anything they dreamed about could happen if they tried. Wouldn’t it be something if this child never lost that feeling? If no one ever scoffed at her or told her to “be realistic” or to set her sights on something more feasible? Imagine what she could one day accomplish if no one told her she couldn’t.

Sadly, she will eventually encounter that sort of discouragement, even if it’s not overt, but now that she’s had NASA affirm her, maybe it won’t take. Maybe those who callously suggest her extremely cool dream is ridiculous will just be white noise. While she goes on to kick ass and take names and possibly, set foot on Mars.

Let’s try to remember what it was like to be children and have big ideas like this so when our kids tell us their plans, we can tell them it could happen. Because someone has to walk on Mars. And why shouldn’t it be them?

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