National 'No Mask Day' Is A Thing Because 'Merica

by Valerie Williams
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National 'No Mask Day' Is A Thing Because 'Merica
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National “No Mask Day” is happening because of course it is

Because it’s 2020 and we’re long past the point of anything making rational sense, there’s apparently going to be a national “No Mask Day” on June 20th. It’s exactly what it sounds like — science-denying “patriots” everywhere will feel free to wear their ignorance as a badge by not wearing a mask in places that require them. *Coronavirus likes this*

Yep. The idiotic event is being advertised as being held at “every store, every town, everywhere USA.” Insisting on not wearing a face covering during a pandemic where transmission is happening via respiratory droplets? Weird flex, but ok.

As COVID-19 cases rise sharply in several states that have relaxed previous shutdown measures, it’s a little ridiculous to see people who think there’s no need to take even the most basic of precautions to help halt spread. I live in one of those sharply rising states and anecdotally, I can tell you that mask use where I am is spotty AF. Wearing masks certainly couldn’t hurt when it comes to lessening the spread of respiratory droplets, and science is putting out content backing that up.

While there’s been some disagreement among scientific and public health agencies about the efficacy of masks when it comes to curbing COVID spread, the most recent guidelines and studies do indicate that it’s smart to wear one. The Centers for Disease Control refers to cloth face coverings as “an additional step to help slow the spread of COVID-19 when combined with every day preventive actions and social distancing in public settings.” Why on earth anyone would fight such a simple measure of preventing unnecessary spread of a deadly virus I do not know, but again, logic and rationality have flown out the window for some in favor of sticking their heads in the sand.

Also, it’s not just the CDC. As The Washington Post points out, several recent studies now support wearing a mask to help curb coronavirus spread.

“When you are going about in the course of normal activities like breathing, talking and singing, you expel these particles into the environment. You want to create a seal,” said Werner Ernst Bischoff, professor of infectious diseases at Wake Forest University. Among the work he’s done? Studies on the respiratory transmission of viruses. I’m going to go with his takes over Chad from high school who never left our hometown and thinks masks are just another way the gub’mint is trying to control us.

As the CDC notes, the face covering you wear is largely to protect others. If you’re infected, it helps slow the spread of any droplets into the air that could make other people around you sick. Wearing one is possibly the biggest “no duh” since the advent of BB creams that include sunscreen, so again, I’m extremely lost here on why anyone would actively fight against it. Science is cool. Everyone should try it.

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