It's Official: A New Episode Of 'Tiger King' Is Airing This Weekend

by Christina Marfice
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Netflix Confirms New Episode Of 'Tiger King' Will Air This Weekend

Can’t get enough of Tiger King? Then be sure to tune into Netflix this weekend

While we’re all going through the shared collective trauma of social isolation, Netflix decided to put us through a shared collective trauma of another sort: Tiger King. The completely bananas docuseries captivated a nation under duress, and it’s all anyone’s been able to talk about for weeks.

Well, buckle up, Joe Exotic Fan Club. Netflix knows what we need in these scary, uncertain times, and just delivered. We’re getting another episode of Tiger King. It’s been rumored, but now it’s confirmed. Bless Netflix, or maybe curse it. I don’t even know anymore.

Netflix announced the news in the above tweet and well, there’s just a lot to unpack here. For one, it’s called “The Tiger King and I,” so is it going to be a musical? We don’t know, but we hope so. The new episode will be in an after-show format, which means it will have a host who hold sit-downs (presumably virtual ones in this case, because, you know, social distancing) with the stars of the shows. The host will be Joel McHale, of The Soup and Community fame, and he appears in the video, shirtless, with a cheetah-print scarf and “Netflix” sharpied right in the same spot Joe Exotic likes to get his name tattooed on his husbands.

McHale will be interviewing a lot of the people you came to know, love, and hate while watching Tiger King, including Jeff and Lauren Lowe, John Finlay, Saff, and Rick Kirkham. No word yet on whether Joe Exotic himself will make an appearance, but considering how much he’s reportedly enjoying his newfound fame from his prison cell, we can only hope he finds a way to call in.

Since Tiger King went live, there has been a lot of new material the after-show could cover. Florida police reopened their investigation into Carole Baskin’s missing husband, the entire cast of the show is fighting and making statements against it (except Joe, who hasn’t seen it but loves being famous), a new Joe Exotic true crime series is being produced, and John Finlay got new teeth and revealed what we already knew in our hearts to be true: He’s kind of hot.

Anyway, the new episode drops on Netflix this Sunday, April 12. I won’t tell you to tune in, because I know you’re already planning on it.

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