There's A New Netflix Series All About Working Moms And It's Relatable AF

by Julie Scagell
Image via YouTube/Netflix

Sometimes our struggles have to be laughed at to get us all through

If you work outside of the home and have kids, there’s a new Netflix show you’re going to want to binge watch — stat. If negotiating with toddlers, not wanting sex after pregnancy, or feeling the impossibility of trying to “have it all” sounds familiar, there’s all of that plus more in the new Netflix series Workin’ Moms.

Understandably, telling working moms (or any mom for that matter) to carve out time in their day to fit in watching an entire season of a Netflix series about other working moms when they barely have time to shower is absurd, I get it. But this series promises to help make working moms feel less alone and provide all of the laughs necessary to make it through your very hectic shit-show of a day.

The 13-episode show originally aired on CBC in Canada and follows around four Toronto moms who are returning to work after having babies. It captures all of the good, bad, and ugly about working outside of the home while trying to juggle motherhood, relationships, friendships, and trying to simultaneously have both clean armpits and crotches most days of the week.

However, these moms are a bit more privileged than American moms — Canadian women enjoy a full 35 weeks of maternity leave at 55 percent of their earnings while American moms get… not even close to that. They can also afford nannies and baby yoga (wtf is that?), they live in nice, single-family homes, and have multiple resources available to help them at their disposal. It stops short of portraying truly struggling working moms who don’t have a support system and money trying to make it on their own. Many women will see themselves in one or more of the characters and just as many will not, which is a commentary on the plight of real-life working moms.

Image via YouTube/Netflix

With that being said, the series touches on real issues all women face, like postpartum depression, the balance of trying to be everything for everyone, marriage, sex after baby, and sexism in the workplace. It presents moms as actual people in their own entirety that have lives, relationships, and dreams outside of being a mother (gasp), which is something we all have to justify and answer to more than we ever should.

Image via YouTube/Netflix

“We all have something that reminds us of who we were back before fear was 60 percent of our life. Back before responsibility got its deadly grip on us,” creator Catherine Reitman said of the series. That couldn’t be more accurate of the series. It doesn’t pull any punches on just how difficult motherhood can be, especially for those trying to go back to a successful career while also being responsible for another human(s) 100 percent of the time.

Image via YouTube/Netflix

The show was such a tremendous success in Canada that it’s already been picked up for two more seasons, which means more belly laughs and commiserating possibilities. Motherhood is not easy, and if we can’t laugh about it from time to time, it’s a disservice to us all.