New Ghostbusters Gets Its Own Lego Set

Hooray! Female-Focused ‘Ghostbusters’ Gets LEGO Set


Spoilers Also Released With New LEGO Set

How do legos keep getting better? They make a new set of minifigures for the upcoming reboot of “Ghostbusters” by Paul Feig.

LEGO recently released the first photos of the new female-focused “Ghostbusters” set, and they are awesome.

The new collection, called Ecto-1 & 2, will be available this summer, but you should get acquainted with the characters now.

There is the minifigure of Erin Gilbert played by Kristen Wiig …


and Patty Tolan played by Leslie Jones.


There is one of Jillian Holtzmann played by Kate McKinnon …


and of course, Abby Yates, played by Melissa McCarthy.


The team’s receptionist, Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth gets his own minifigure too.


The beloved green ghost mascot, Slimer, is noticeably absent. A new monster was unveiled in the LEGO set. According to Yahoo News, the antagonistic spirit is known as “red Daemon.”


Don’t worry, though, the team is prepared for the action with ghost traps and proton packs for each character.


All of which will fit into the ECTO-1 vehicle. The car rolls and the side doors, top, and back all open, according to Entertainment Weekly.


Kevin is also seen riding around on the new ECTO-2 motorcycle.


Of course, not everyone was filled with joy upon seeing the bad-ass lady crew in LEGO form. Every new release associated with the film is a chance for people to complain once again about how the old, all male “Ghostbusters” was the true and sacred film.

“They are ruining my childhood,” is a comment often used when bashing the new film. This reasoning seems flawed. Plenty of fans re-watched the 1984 version countless times as children and are still pumped to see the new movie.

Possibly the most ridiculous comment made over and over is how the new cast “just isn’t funny.” How much money does Melissa McCarthy need to make from her clearly comedic roles before internet trolls decide she is funny? And have you seen Kate McKinnon’s take on Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live? Amazing.

Despite the sprinkling of negative comments, fans of “Ghostbusters” and LEGO were online as well to defend the cast and toys. Just one example was this comment pointing out the obvious to the haters.

“Why are people disappointed that women are playing the Ghostbusters crew? It’s a movie with actresses,” Justin French wrote on the LEGO Facebook page.

Love it or hate it, the new cast and their minifigures are coming this summer. The set should cost about $60 and will be available for purchase on July 1. “Ghostbusters” hits theaters July 15.