13 Things New Moms Need But Didn’t Get At The Baby Shower That Are On Sale Right Now At Amazon

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Baby registries all tend to look alike — you’ve got your stroller, some diapers and wipes, and a whole bunch of ridiculously adorable baby outfits because when registering cuteness overload strikes. But once the baby actually arrives, new moms can find themselves scrambling to get what they actually need. No matter how much research expecting moms do to ensure they include everything they could possibly need, there’s some stuff they just don’t consider.

But have no fear, new moms! We’ve got 10 must-haves that will make being a new mom easier — and they are all currently on sale through Amazon’s February Baby Sale. Ready?

Arms Free Baby Swaddle Sack

Swaddling is the bomb — it comforts your baby and helps them self-soothe. But some babies don’t love the whole baby burrito thing, so it’s great to have a couple of these arms-free swaddles for babies who like to flap.

Glow In The Dark Pacifier

This thing is genius. Just picture it: you, half asleep, and a baby who needs soothing but doesn’t want to eat or be held. You can find this pacifier in the dark. Literal. LIFE. SAVER. Trust us on this one.

Soothing Skin Cream For Babies

Baby skin is lush and lovely — it can feel like trying to touch water when you stroke your baby’s face. But that skin can get chapped, dry, and more, especially in the winter. So make sure you have some great baby skin cream handy to keep your baby’s skin soft.

Convertible High Chair That’s Easy To Clean

Sure, newborns aren’t going to need a high chair right away, but by 6 months you’ll be starting some solids so a high chair is a must-have. But no one will tell you the worst thing about high chairs is how impossible they are to keep clean — except for this one. Bonus? It converts to a toddler chair, so you’re set.

Bottles For Nursing Moms

If you’ve chosen to breastfeed, you might not be thinking much about bottles. But here’s the thing: At some point, you are going to want to leave the house without the baby (or you are heading back to work, so pumping will become your life). Having bottles that are ideal for preventing nipple confusion is a huge help. Get you some of these.

Teething Blanket

We don’t know who invented this genius item, but it is BRILLIANT. It offers both something fun and something safe to chew on. It’s the perfect teether that won’t involve your baby eating every single thing in the universe. Because they will, moms. They really will.

Nipple Cream

It doesn’t matter how great you are at nursing your baby, eventually, those nipples are going to get chapped and raw. You need you some awesome nipple cream that will sooth that ish and keep your baby fed without feeling like your nipples are on fire.

Nursery Artwork You’re Willing To Look At For Hours

When you design your nursery, don’t just think about your baby. Truth is, your baby won’t even be able to focus on anything at a distance for months. It’s YOU who has to live with that art — not the baby. So pick art that you’re willing to stare blankly at in the middle of the night while feeding the baby. Look how nice this whole room looks — soothing for baby AND mom!

Travel Baby Swing

You probably know about baby swings and already have one on your registry, but here’s the thing: Sometimes you have to take the baby places, and having a swing you can bring with you will make it WAY easier. Unless you’re visiting Grandma, who will be a human baby swing. Then you’re good. Trust us, you want this.

Super Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

Think you’ll just use the microwave to warm up a bottle? Think again. Nuking a bottle can lead to uneven heat and hot spots that make feeding a nightmare. It’s worth investing in a speedy bottle warmer so you can feed that hungry baby faster. Because no one likes waiting for a bottle to heat up at 3 a.m. NO ONE.

Waterproof Mattress Pad

Meet your new BFF for the next five years. Waterproof mattress pads are EVERYTHING when you’ve got a little one because babies move and diapers (no matter how great) leak. Without one of these pads, you’ll be replacing your crib mattress weekly. Get you a bunch.

Bigger Diapers

We know, you registered for diapers. What we’re saying is register for them in multiple sizes because some babies wear that newborn size for like two minutes before they plump up and need biggers ones. You will find yourself stuck with too many small diapers and not enough biggers sizes, so get ‘em ALL.

Umbrella Stroller

Yes, we know you can’t put a baby in this kind of stroller. But that day will come faster than you know, and you’ll find you’ll need a nice lightweight, easy-to-fold-up stroller to take with you when you got out as a family. You won’t want to bring your giant stroller every time, we promise.

These items might not be on the average baby registry list, but they should be. Take our advice, new moms, and order these things right away. You’ll thank us later.

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