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Your New Pregnancy

November 28, 2015 Updated September 6, 2019

Scary Mommy Pregnancy Intro

Pop a Prenatal Vitamin, Put Your Feet Up and Get Ready

Hello, and welcome to the Scary Mommy week-by-week pregnancy newsletter!

With the availability of the Internet, endless shelves of parenting books and “helpful” suggestions from family and strangers alike, we understand how tough it can be to sift through the mountains of pregnancy info and advice to get the real story about this new adventure you’re embarking on.

Each week we’ll bring you resources and relatable stories that pertain to your stage of pregnancy, and we’ll make you laugh (which, trust us, some days will be no easy feat — hellooooo, hormones)! We’ll tell you the important things to avoid — like eating sushi and slamming Jager shots — but also warn you about the not so obvious stuff that nobody else dares to share.

So pop a prenatal vitamin, put your feet up and get ready — this is going to be fun! And, sorta horrible, too, sometimes. But mostly fun… we promise!



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