'Best Comment, Ever': Hilarious New York Times Comment Goes Wildly Viral

by Meredith Bland
Image via NYT comments section

Autospeak records commenter’s conversation

The comments section of any website is typically the place you go to feel despair, outrage, confusion, or when you want to feel at peace with our collective, inevitable deaths. It can also be a place to laugh your tuchus off, and The New York Times comment section is no exception. This was particularly true yesterday when one commenter, who was using autospeak, was interrupted in the middle of talking about the Democratic Party.

Christine McMorrow, described by The New York Times as: “one of [our] most faithful and prolific commenters (almost 10,000 posts and counting)” was using voice-recognition to comment on an article about the Republican Party’s relationship with the President. Not far into it, one of her friends showed up at her house. The result was glorious.

Image via The New York Times

The first reply to her comment summed up what most people were thinking:

Image via The New York Times

Well, jman, we’re not sure what’s so confusing here. Obviously, what Christine’s saying is that the Democrats are in a situation so impossible that it’s like icing your knee while hard-boiling eggs. She’s not optimistic that they can rise above the Republicans, (who are represented here by her cave-dwelling husband, Norman.) Christine worries that Democrats are indeed trapped in a chair by the icepack that is the coldness and fractiousness of our political parties.

It’s really quite brilliant.

Image via The New York Times

The Times loved the comment so much that they wrote about it and shared it on their Facebook page, which led to more comments that celebrated, questioned, and commiserated with Christine:

Even Twitter got in on the action:

Christine, whose green check mark means that her comments are posted automatically and aren’t moderated, didn’t realize anything was wrong for a couple of hours. She then hopped back into the comments section to explain what happened:

Image via The New York Times

Oh, Christine! We love you because you remind us that at some point we all get caught icing our knees and hard boiling our eggs when trying to look professional. From here on out, we will use “sorry, I was icing my knee” instead of “whoops, brainfart” and we will do it in your honor. Thanks, Christine.