Too Many Baby Pictures? One Up Them With Your Cat

Photographer posts ‘newborn’ kitten photoshoot

Are you sick of pictures of babies flooding your Facebook feed? Why don’t you show the world that cats are just as cute and time consuming by getting your kitten her own photoshoot?

Seriously. Bet you never realized how adorable a swaddled kitten was, or that a kitten would actually let itself be swaddled. It will, and it’s adorable.

Cassie Borcherding of Storybook Moments Photography is always looking for ways to spice up her Facebook business page. She specializes in family photography, but after a stray kitten wandered into her family’s garage, the adorable little thing became her newest subject.

After she and her four-year-old cared for the kitten and attempted to find her owners, when no one responded they named her “Elsa” after everyone’s favorite ice queen and Borcherding got to work.

She tells Scary Mommy she “couldn’t expect much from an active kitten,” but we beg to differ. Look at that face!

“I’ll admit, the kitten was so much easier to photograph than an actual newborn baby,” she says. “She’s very cuddly and once I got her wrapped up she purred the entire time.” Note to self: kittens like to be swaddled.

This is the first time Borcherding has branched off to animals, but with her photoshoot spreading like wildfire on Facebook, we doubt it will be the last.