'Nailed It' Host Shares How To Talk To Kids About #BlackLivesMatter

by Cassandra Stone
'Nailed It' Host Nicole Byer Tells Parents How To Talk To Their White Kids About BLM
Nicole Byer/Instagram

Nicole Byer is clapping back at a commenter who told her to just “stick to talking about Nailed It”

The host of the popular Netflix show ‘Nailed It,’ which is beloved by children and families alike, is speaking out about how we can all talk to our kids about #BlackLivesMatter and racism. Nicole Byer shared a meaningful post about it on Instagram that cuts right to the chase — to raise kids who care, parents need to care.

When Byer posted about #BlackLivesMatter earlier this week in response to George Floyd’s police-sanctioned murder, an Instagram commenter said they would “keep their head down and just let their kids watch Nailed It.” Byer’s response is a wake-up call for white parents everywhere.

“You will allow your kid to watch me but not stand up for me,” she writes. She came up with a perfect script for parents whose kids watch her show, so take notes.

“A good way to explain to kids #blacklivesmatter: You like this black lady, right? She’s silly? She makes you tee hee hee? You would be sad if a police officer hurt her, right? Well, this is the current country we live in where someone you like can be hurt by the color of their skin and people in charge aren’t doing a f—ing (you can replace that with dang if ya kids are soft) thing about it,” she says.

If you’re curious about how to talk to your kids about riots and “looters,” well, Byer has the perfect response for you.

“So they are protesting, and the looters… well, some of it is staged as a distraction and some are people who’ve been oppressed for so long it burst. And nice cops? There are no nice cops because if a cop was nice they wouldn’t watch and participate in violence against black and brown people.”

She says that you can tell your kids if cops were “really nice,” they would have spoken out against police brutality a long time ago and that they should quit their jobs to send a message that they’re against what their departments and precincts perpetuate.

“Instead they dress up like your GI Joe doll and are very mean,” she continues. “The curfews the helicopters the police in riot gear is all because black people have asked to not be killed… that’s it. There’s literally nothing else to it.”

She encouraged parents to read to their kids about what happens to Black people, especially as it pertains to history: Juneteenth, Black Wall Street, how Black people influence much of pop culture and music, etc.

“Post about the black history you teach your white kid to maybe inspire another white parent to do the same thing,” she concludes. “There I did it you can read it verbatim to your kids. Also I’m open to any additions. Raise kids who give a fuck and you gotta give a fuck. #blacklivesmatter”

It really is that simple: in order to raise good kids who care, parents have to care first. Lead by intention and example, not just words. Be actionable in your support of Black individuals, artists, business owners, and the Black community, and your children will be too.

The next time you sit with your kids to giggle and enjoy Nailed It!, think about the very woman who hosts it and how you and your family can be better in your allyship.