Nike Released Curvy Mannequins And Can We Get An AMEN

by Thea Glassman

Nike has released curvy mannequins and shopping just became a whole lot more inclusive

You know how every single mannequin is usually very, very thin and represents only one very select body type? Well, Nike is on a mission to change all that. The apparel company released their first ever curvy mannequins and just made the world of shopping for athletic gear at any size a much more diverse, inclusive experience.

Nike’s flagship store in London introduced these new mannequins along with “extended offerings of plus-sizes,” according to CNN. The store already released a plus-size collection back in 2017 and now they’re working on expanding it even more, including yoga clothes that are sized up to 2XL.

“To celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport, the space will not just celebrate local elite and grassroot athletes through visual content, but also show Nike plus size and para-sport mannequins for the first time on a retail space,” Nike explained in a statement.


The company is hoping that these new mannequins and extended sizes will inspire women of all shapes and sizes to pursue their athletic passions. “With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the redesigned space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete,” Sarah Hannah, general manager and vice president of Nike’s Europe, the Middle East and Africa division, said.


Plus, Nike has partnered with influencers Paloma Elesser, Grace Victory, Chloe Elliott, and Danielle Vanier for the plus-size line and they’ve sung the praises of this comfy, inclusive, cute apparel. *Big, big bonus points* – Elliott noted on Instagram that there’s no “rolling or falling down” with the workout pants, unlike other plus-size clothing.

Elliott was one of fourteen high-profile plus-size women who signed an open letter to retailers in 2018, asking that they design more inclusive clothing.

“The thing is, I don’t really want to write this letter,” they wrote. “I don’t want to have to tell the entire Internet that it’s a genuine struggle for me to buy clothes. I just want to have a wardrobe as good as my smaller sized friends. So I’m asking if you can finally make plus-size women your priority, instead of an afterthought.”

Here’s hoping more stores follow Nike’s lead and sit up and listen to their customers. We can start with curvy mannequins everywhere.