Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Reason Behind 'No Breastfeeding Zone' Sign

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/Meghan Koziel

A new mom and breast cancer survivor didn’t want to give anyone a reason to shame her for formula-feeding

Fed babies are happy, healthy babies no matter how they get their milk — from the breast, from pumped bottles, or from formula. Period. But one new mom wanted to take an extra step in order to silence anyone who would shame her for formula-feeding her infant.

Because in addition to being a new mom, she’s also a breast cancer survivor.

Meghan Koziel was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 26 years old, and recently welcomed a baby girl last month. She felt she needed to make it clear to hospital staff and visitors that her hospital room was a “No Breastfeeding Zone.”

“Attention please, attention please,” Koziel writes in the caption. “We do indeed have a mommy-to-be who had breast cancer and a mastectomy which means, without boobs in the houseeeee!”

She says she had the banner made just in case people were confused as to why she isn’t breastfeeding. “Yes I have foobs, no I do not have boobs (or nipples) therefore… my body is incapable of breastfeeding.”

The awesome “No Breastfeeding Zone” sign reads:

“Though breastfeeding itself is a very special task

Please be aware before you ask Our miracle baby will be formula fed And it will not affect her future ahead. This Mommy is a survivor.”

While many people in the comments section praised Koziel for her stance and her sign, others suggested she use a milk bank. To which Koziel responds, “Donor milk from the milk bank is super expensive and currently, mastectomy patients are not covered by insurance. I looked into local Facebook groups for donors however the milk isn’t tested or monitored and I could not risk my baby contracting an illness just for breast milk.”

How about we all just offer Koziel and her lovely family our best wishes and call it a day? She’s an inspiration and her baby girl seems to be one lucky kiddo.