Tales From Pantsuit Nation: No Longer a House Divided

by Scary Mommy

This photo was taken the day of the Michigan primary. My partner was in downtown Detroit, leaving Avalon Bakery when he saw two black SUVs quickly pull up to either end of the street and block it. Being former military, he put two and two together fast. Primary day + a security situation = The Candidate. He immediately turned around and beelined back into the bakery, about a minute before Secret Service agents blocked the door. He was one of maybe 5 people inside. A few minutes later, HROD arrives.

At this point, we were a house divided. I had been a staunch Clinton supporter since Day 1. He was a Bernie guy. We’d had more than one heated argument about our differing support.

Hillary came into the bakery and spent about ten unhurried minutes with each of the people inside. Just listening to them. Asking questions that showed she was paying close attention. Todd was on his way to a job interview (he’s a small UAV pilot). He and Hillary talked about FAA rules and regulations. She wanted to know what she could do to help make those rules clearer and more reasonable for the industry. She wished him good luck on his job interview and he wished her good luck with hers.

When he left, he called me, struggling with tears. She was so attentive, so genuine, he was moved. Said he couldn’t stop thinking about our daughters and the impact her presidency would have on their lives. On their sense of what was possible.

Todd met Bill Clinton once, as a private in the Army. He’s also met Bernie Sanders. (Todd lived in Vermont for many years before coming home to Detroit.) He spoke about how striking the differences between them were.

With Hillary, he said, he felt seen. Heard.

I’ve never been so jealous in my life! But that day was a turning point for him. Since then he has been a loud and proud HRC supporter. We’re no longer a house divided. We’re with her!