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by Scary Mommy
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As parents, we say no quite a bit. No, you can’t go outside in the thirty degree weather wearing a tank top and shorts. No, you can’t have pancakes for dinner after eating them for breakfast. No, just because you bathed yesterday does not mean you don’t have to bathe today if you’re covered in dirt and smell. No, no, no!!

Sometimes, it feels really good to say yes.

Yes, you can have that video game. Yes, you can get that stuffed animal. Yes, I’ll buy you that toy.

Unfortunately, many parents aren’t able to say those yeses, much as they may want to. And there is no time that’s harder to face than during the holidays.

For the last ten years, Toys“R”Us, Inc. has partnered with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to spread holiday cheer to some of the 16 million children living in poverty in the United States. Through in-store and online fundraising and awareness campaigns, Toys“R”Us has raised over $31.6 million and collected 3.75 million toys for Toys for Tots. The program is also supported by the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund, a public charity affiliated with Toys“R”Us, Inc.

This year, NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal joins the campaign, donning his holiday alter ego – Shaq-A-Claus – to encourage customer donations and help make even more wishes come true for kids in need. As part of this year’s program, Toys“R”Us has introduced a series of #No Wish Too Big initiatives designed to inspire families to join Shaq-A-Claus in paying it forward through Toys for Tots. It’s just fantastic, and I encourage you to get involved.

Now for the really amazing part…

Inspired by the many stories of the Thanksgiving Project applicants, Toys“R”Us, Toys for Tots and we at Scary Mommy have joined together to help continue to make this holiday season easier for mothers and families in need. To help them make their kids’ wishes come true, together, we’re providing one hundred $250 gift cards to Scary Mommies who need it most. That will make an awful lot of kids very, very happy come Christmas morning, and I wish I could be in all 100 houses to see their faces.

Even more amazingly, three very special Thanksgiving Project families will be the incredibly lucky recipients of a once in a lifetime $1,000 Toys“R”Us shopping experience. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS — can you imagine the impact that will have on those children and their parents? I get chills every time I think about it.

Each of the 100 $250 gift cards will arrive in the mail within the next week (recipients have already been notified to be on the lookout), and next week, the three families will be receiving the shopping experience of a lifetime. I can hardly wait. If you haven’t heard from us and need help with a present for your child, you can apply for a gift through Toys for Tots here.

A million thank you’s to Toys“R”Us and Toys for Tots for their support of Scary Mommy Nation and their commitment to helping kids and families in need. You can learn more about the program here, get your kids involved here, or find out how to donate a toy here. Be sure to follow along with their social media channels below, too, and help spread the word. Because every child deserves a Merry Christmas, and every mother should be able to provide one.

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