Bones Or No Bones: Noodle The Pug Has United The Internet

by Madison Vanderberg

Noodle the pug predicts what kind of day you’ll have with his Bones in viral TikTok series

Once upon a time, I would casually check my horoscope in the morning, curious if it would shed any light on how my day might unfold. Now, I check @JonGraz’s TikTok to see what his geriatric pug Noodle is up to and whether or not he’s in the mood to sit or stand that day because that is my new bar for what kind of day it’s gonna be. Let me explain.


Noodle is a 13-year-old Pug who decides each morning if he wants to stand up or not. Every morning the old dog is laying in his little dog bed, so his owner Jonathan Graziano lifts him up slightly and then lets go of his dog. If Noodle stands, it means he “has bones” and therefore it’s a “bones day,” but if the dog slumps back down, that means he has “no bones” so it’s a “no bones day.” Meaning, does Noodle have bones and can stand, or does Noodle have no bones and therefore can only flop back down.


But it goes further than that. Noodle does more than just sit or stand, he’s a doggy Oracle because his Bones predict the kind of day you’re going to have.

If Noodle stands and declares it’s “a bones day,” that means a day where you can seize your future and go to work and accomplish stuff. “You gotta treat yourself today,” owner Graziano says in a recent “bones day” video. A “no bones day” is a day to lay about the house or, I dunno, phone it in at work. Or as owner Graziano states, a no bones day just “means you have permission to flop on plans or activities if you don’t wanna do them.” The Bones decide your fate.

Noodle has taken over TikTok so quickly that I learned who Noodle was on Friday, by Saturday I saw a TikTok of a song someone wrote about the pug, and by Sunday someone else had posted on Instagram that they were having a “bones day.”

Noodle is such a precious old dog that even when he has bones, he still doesn’t go on walks. A king!

Graziano told Insider that he adopted Noodle in 2016 when he was 7-and-a-half years-old and Graziano and Noodle have been doing their Bones routine since Day 1, but it was only recently that the videos caught on. Graziano told The Boston Globe that he thinks his dog’s antics have gone viral because he “put a name and visual to a reality so many dog owners experience — sometimes dogs simply go limp.”

“We are all at the mercy of Bones,” Graziano perfectly stated in a video. We are all at the mercy of Bones. Well said.