This Woman Capturing A Huge Snake In Her Living Room Is A Big Bag Of Nope

by Sarah Hosseini
Image via YouTube

North Carolina woman catches snake in a pillow case like it’s NBD

Just thinking about snakes freaks most people the hell out, so imagine if a slithery little sucker was in your own home. Fuggedaboutit, we’re running for the hills. But not a brave woman from North Carolina who handles snakes on her living room floor like a total boss.

Meet your new hero for the day, Sunshine McCurry. She lives in the country and found a five-and-a-half-foot long visitor when she got home a few days ago.

The human-size black snake was just hanging out in her living room. Being the total badass she is, McCurry got out a pillow case and wrangled it in like it was no big deal. She posted the video on YouTube then onto her Facebook page where it quickly went viral because, holy smokes. Just watch.

“We got a snake in the living room,” she says. “You see him? Look at that. So I’m going to catch this big son of bitch.”

First, she’s insanely brave. Second, whoever agreed to be in the same room with her and record this video is also insanely brave.

“Got the pillow case. I’m gonna pinch him behind the ears,” she says like a total pro. McCurry scoops the reptile into the pillowcase and commentates the whole time.

“Right in the living room is what I’m talking about! WOO HOO! Take him out!” she screams. You can’t watch this without laughing your ass off and cringing at the same exact time. This woman needs her own nature show.

“Sometimes you got to wrangle them,” she says.

Then as she’s got the snake in the case it pops its head out and musks her. For those not familiar with musking, it means the snake spewed smelly stuff all over because it’s pissed.

“Shoooo! He stinks! Look at that head! Get up in there! He done musked me. He musked me,” McCurry says.

She casually tucks it’s head back in the pillow case and proceeds to take the snake outside proclaiming, “We got us another one! Heck yeah!” This woman is our hero.

McCurry brings him out down by the bridge near her house and let’s him go. “I can’t believe he was in my freaking living room! Sometimes living in the country ain’t too cool.”

You think?

McCurry seems unfazed by the snake because reptiles and creatures are often part of rural living. The single mom and owner of a local tattoo shop told Fox Carolina that she’s a beekeeper and also keeps chickens. McCurry did admit though that she’d be startled if the snake snuck up on her, “I would have just died if he’d a come up from inside that chair while I was reading.”

Her video has been viewed over 3 million times and was picked up by Good Morning America, who posted it on Facebook. The comments are hilarious.

“Yes officer I did set fire to my own home,” writes one commenter.

Another says, “I would have called, 911, 311, the FBI, CIA, and The IRS from down the block and around the corner to get that snake out of the house. And still wouldn’t sleep in that house never ever again! FOR SALE!”

“My name is Nope Nopeinton, I live in Nope Ville, USA… I drive a Nope Van to the Nope store and buy a big ol bag of NOPE!”

“Wow, I freaked out because I just came home to a few sugar ants that snuck in my kitchen through the back door….I guess it’s all about perspective.”

“Won’t be moving to North Carolina ever,” writes another. SAME.

As you might’ve guessed, McCurry seems truly stunned by the reaction to her video. She told WTVM, “Don’t know if they were impressed because I was a girl catching it, or a girl catching it in my house.”

Brave woman, all of the above. ALL.