#NoWomanEver Nails What It's Like To Be A Woman

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Woman share stories of harassment using #NoWomanEver

#NoWomanEver started trending over the weekend as Twitter users shared snippets of life that perfectly describe what it’s like to be a woman.

The phrase “said no one ever” is used to mock the insanity of an idea. It’s so beloved it’s become a meme. Women shared their everyday stories of harassment and gender inequality under #NoWomanEver. A 37-year-old woman from Atlanta named CJ created the concept because she wanted to use snark and sarcasm to address men “being woefully obtuse about street harassment” on Twitter – especially for young Black women, Buzzfeed reported.

Tons of women offered up their own examples and together they address a wide range of issues ladies deal with daily.

On men following women:

On not taking no as an answer:

On rejection:

On the absolute bullshit that is “smile more.” Women hear this phrase constantly, but no one’s telling men what to do with their faces.

On negging, which is the stupid idea that if a man insults a woman she’ll be more attracted to him.

Somen women shared multiple examples, like actress Heather Matarazzo, who released a flood of tweets that most women can relate to.

Sadly, anytime a woman brings up the negative aspects of her gender, race, or sexual orientation online men jump in to tell them how wrong they are about their own experiences. “The sad thing is that my mentions are still filled with people with men who don’t understand that women have a right and reason to be afraid of the way that they’re approached in public, and it might not be a good idea,” CJ explained. Something great did happen as well. Many men tweeted their support of the hashtag and shared why other dudes should take a look.

More than anything, though, #NoWomanEver reminded women they’re not alone in their experiences of harassment.

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