Nursemaid Elbow: The Kid's Health Issue to Avoid During Playtime


Nursemaid Elbow: The Kid’s Health Issue to Avoid During Playtime

by Team Scary Mommy
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Picture this: a tired mom, a newborn baby and a rambunctious toddler with a toy kitchen. It all leads to this true story from our Scary Mommy community. Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

Did you ever hear the story about the mom that dropped her newborn baby like a sack of potatoes? Meet Jane (the name has been changed to protect the innocent). Poor Jane was tired, like so many of us, and was trying to take care of her newborn. As she was feeding her baby, her toddler decided to climb up his toy kitchen. Yes, we know. It should have been tied down, but no judgements here.

As her son was climbing on the kitchen, it tumbled over, trapping him underneath. Jane sprung to her feet, stubbed her toe and yes, dropped the baby. In a panic, she grabbed the baby, called the doctor, and left the toddler to fend for himself (and by fend, we mean dad came to the rescue).

Thankfully, baby was fine, mom was rattled, and toddler was happy as a clam. But feeling guilty, as parents often do, mom and dad decided to bring the kids to the park for a day of sunshine, monkey bars and slides. On the way home they enjoyed a walk and all was right with the world until… the next day when the toddler woke with his arm recoiled.

What was it? Did something happen during the kitchen fall? It must have been the accident. Everything else was fine… or was it? Watch the story to find out how it all ends and how Jane’s toddler developed the dreaded Nursemaid Elbow.

Side bar: Nursemaid elbow is caused when the arm is pulled and the elbow becomes partially dislocated. Because young children are still developing bone and ligaments, it’s a very common childhood injury. Nursemaid elbow often occurs in children between 1 and 4. This injury is usually a result of a child being swung by the hands or by jerked their arms. Noted.

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