Obama's Photographer Trolls Trump With Hand Holding Dig

by Meredith Bland

Pete Souza’s Instagram: provider of presidential burns

We’ve been given a couple of new heroes to worship during these first few months of the Trump administration: one, as anyone could have predicted, is the twitter account of Merriam-Webster dictionary. The second is former Obama presidential photographer Pete Souza, who, through his “innocent” photo-sharing, has once again given Trump the old one-two punch, this time about certain hand-holding difficulties the first couple has had lately.

The American public has now been privileged enough to see two examples of their First Lady wanting absolutely nothing to do with the hands of our president. The day after that first delicious swat of the hand, President Obama’s official White house photographer, Pete Souza, returned to his popular Instagram account to remind us what it looks like to have a first couple who like each other.

With the simple caption, “Holding hands,” Souza’s photo takes us back to a time when the touch of her husband’s hand didn’t make the First Lady shudder. Those were the days, huh?

For the sake of comparison, here is Melania’s first rejection, a couple of days ago in Israel:

And her second, just yesterday in Rome:

What will she do on day three?! Maybe the old, “I suddenly remembered I need to find something in my purse” maneuver? There are a lot of options, and we will heartily enjoy them all.

This is far from the first time Souza has critiqued Trump using nothing more than a photo and a few pointed words. For example, after Trump’s frosty first meeting with Angela Merkel, Souza posted this image:

And after photos of Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock mocking Hillary Clinton’s official White House portrait went viral, Souza posted this:

Souza is, indeed, master of the burn that sizzles.

(h/t Huffington Post)