12 Must-Haves That Will Turn Your Office Or Home Into Productivity Central

by Team Scary Mommy
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Whether you work for someone else or you’re the boss of many or you’re simply ruler of your own home office lair, you are a person who has sh*t to do. And as such, you need a kickass, productive workspace. We are so right there with you, and we want to help.

Here are a few must-haves to make your workspace positively inspiring:

1. Hardbound Planner


If you’re like me, you need your planner to be something you can manipulate in your hands. The calendar on my laptop just doesn’t cut it. This hardbound planner is both gorgeous and functional, and I need it in my life immediately.

2. Smooth AF Ball Pens and Deco Ball Pens



These are the only pens I will use. Keep your free bank pens away from me, I don’t have time to scribble until the ink comes out or smear ink all over my palm. I freaking love these things.

3. Ergonomic Footrest Cushion


Because you have shitty posture and your legs are falling asleep, admit it. This helps with that stuff.

4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Because you need music in your workspace. I already own an OontZ and I LOVE IT. It creates an unbelievable amount of sound (bass register is fantastic) for such a small speaker, and it’s stupid-affordable.

5. Magnetic Dry Erase Board


Keep track of your daily to-do list with this beauty. Plus it’s magnetic, so it’s multifunctional.

6. Desk Monitor Riser


Get headaches after working for a few hours? It might be because you’re staring down at your monitor. Get this riser to lift your monitor closer to eye level and save yourself some aches.

7. Office Desk Pad


Why does this desk pad make me want to get tons of work done? I’m not sure, but I got one in pink because pretty.

8. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer



9. Unicorn “Bitch, Please” Mug


Because you’re fucking fabulous and you need this for your new mug warmer.

10. Bluetooth Headset


So you can make calls while pacing the room and get those creative juices flowing. This is Amazon’s top seller and is ridiculously affordable. Need.

11. Personal Desktop Heater


When I used to work outside of the home, the office was kept at like 68 even in summer (why?), so I always had one of these babies under my desk to keep me toasty.

12. Oil Diffuser


Energize, relax, or focus, depending on what scent you choose. The point is, with Oil Diffuser, your workspace smells exactly how you want it to.

And now you have everything you need to make your office one of your favorite places to inhabit. Imagine how much work you’ll get done. *sips from fabulous unicorn mug*

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