This Video Of Moms Smashing The $#*! Out Of Their Kid's Toys Is So Satisfying

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

There are certain toys that strike horror in the very souls of parents. Have you ever owned a Baby Alive doll? Sorry, there’s only one volume setting: LOUD. And no, there’s no way to stop her three minute babble-fest once she gets going. What about those toys that just magically say shit out of nowhere in the middle of the night? The hell is up with that?

Toys are the bane of every parent of young children’s existence. How good would it feel to just destroy some of your kid’s faves? It’s okay, you can admit it. No judgment.

Everyone’s seen Office Space, right? Remember the legendary scene where the three main characters take the printer that’s always jamming out to a field and beat the shit out of it? Yup. That.

Only… with moms. *****Language warning***** Very not safe for young, impressionable ears. You’ve been warned.

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