Dads Are Falling For The 'I Put Olive Oil In My Car' Prank And It's The Best

by Christina Marfice
Image via Twitter

Dads reacting to this hilarious text about olive oil will make your day

If there’s anything the internet (and all of us) loves, it’s a good prank on parents. Remember that one where everyone texted their mom to ask how long to microwave a Thanksgiving turkey? Well, now it’s dads’ turn to get punk’d on Twitter, and the results are just as hilarious. And it all started with some olive oil in a metal can.

The can looks pretty much like the metal containers often used to store motor oil, so The Dad came up with a hilarious idea: Text a photo of it to your dad and tell him you put olive oil in your car instead of motor oil. Then sit back and watch his reaction, because it’s practically guaranteed to be hilarious. Share it on Twitter so the rest of us can also laugh. What a genius way to get through a boring winter week.

The reactions that have come in so far have definitely lived up to our expectations for dads everywhere. While most dads aren’t really falling for it, their responses are A+ anyway. Like this dad, who felt like the best way to deal with the situation was to make a couple of very classic, punny dad jokes.

Or this one, who thought some health advice was the best way to go. I mean, he gets points for his logic, right? I don’t even know how to argue with this.

There were actually a bunch of dads who figured dad jokes were definitely in order in this particular crisis, and God bless them for it.

So many dad jokes. The best dad jokes. This is a situation that was made for dad jokes, and hoo boy, did the dads deliver.

Also this dad whose only advice was to just turn the car in and try again with another one. Also not a bad plan.

But the funniest reactions by far came from the dads who actually fell for it, whose responses were a mix of practical advice and utter dismay that they raised children who actually tried to top off their cars with a kitchen supply. Their pain is palpable through the phone screens, and while you kind of want to hug them, it’s also just so damn funny to imagine them squirming, thinking this is real.

This dad was ready to get off his important work call to help out, but he was also not happy about it.

And at least one dad reacted exactly the way I’m sure mine would: by washing his hands of this situation and carrying on with his life, comfortable in the knowledge that he’d never be dumb enough to put olive oil in a car. Unlike his kid.

Seriously, what did we even do to deserve dads? Here’s hoping this prank keeps spreading, because we are living for these responses. Also, BRB, sending our dads this text right now.