One Picnic Blanket To Rule Them All

by Sara Farrell Baker
JJ Cole/ Amazon

Mine is a family who loves some al fresco dining. Packing a lunch for the playground or grabbing a pizza and bringing it to the park are some of our favorite things to do once it gets warm outside. We finally have some warm weather to enjoy, so I’ve had my favorite picnic blanket stashed in the trunk for easy access.

This blanket is perfect for springs and summers with kids. It feels sort of like a vinyl material, so it’s waterproof and spills wipe up easily. There is also a nice layer of padding inside that makes it comfortable even when you’ve laid it out on concrete. Even better, the whole thing folds up into a little bag that’s attached and has a carrying strap, so it’s easy to transport and not bulky at all.

While I’m working in the yard or just need us to all share a breather outside, I set our blanket out with a few toys and snacks to keep my kids entertained. It serves as a good home base when they’re wandering out of view or too close to the street. And even if it’s a little wet outside, I don’t have to worry about anything soaking through.

Sara Farrell Baker

I’ve even found this to be useful on rainy days. I keep the back row of our van folded down so I have extra trunk space when I need it. Recently, I was out with my kids and needed to feed them lunches I’d packed, and we had already spent a lot of time with them strapped in their car seats. It was raining and cold outside, so picnicking wasn’t really an option.

Instead, I laid the blanket down in the trunk, unbuckled the kids and let them have an in-the-van picnic. They loved the novelty, and I loved the easy cleanup and not hearing them whine. When they were done, I shook the blanket outside real quick to get off any crumbs, folded it up, and put everyone back in their seats.

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