According To All Vacuum Ads, Only Women Vacuum

by Maria Guido
Images via Amazon

Only women are featured vacuuming on sites selling vacuums. Why?

It’s 2017 and you’d be hard-pressed to find one goddamn vacuum cleaner company using men in their ads. I’m not even kidding. If you go to a site that sells vacuum cleaners, you’d think vacuuming makes all women giddy. Or that it’s a skill that’s hardwired into our genetic code.

What in the actual hell is this?

“I’m looking to buy a new vacuum and I noticed none of the vacuums come with photos of men vacuuming,” writer Aaron W. Gordon shared on Twitter. “So I kept looking. I’ve now looked at probably three dozen models on Amazon. Not one man vacuuming.”

Yup. Same thing over at Shark.

Image via Shark

This is the kind of shit that makes me stabby. Why? Why not throw a man on there? Honestly my husband vacuums more than I do. What is the deal with this advertising? Have the executives who approve this stuff been frozen in ice for a few decades? I looked at roughly 40 different vacuum cleaners on Amazon. Not one featured a man vacuuming. Not one. And Sir James Dyson doesn’t count. I’m talking about men doing the freaking vacuuming — not men gloating about their inventions.

Also, can we talk about these pictures?

Not only is she vacuuming, she’s doing it in a matching metallic belt and flats. And she’s super happy about it.

Image via Amazon

I’ve never vacuumed drapes in my life.

Image via Amazon

I don’t even know what’s happening here:

Image via Amazon

Try and find a site that sells a vacuum with a photo of a man. And for extra credit, try to find a business card holder ad that uses a woman holding one.

The last thing the world needs is this subliminal bullshit. IT’S 2017. Can we stop with this nonsense?