Oops... I Did It Again

by Scary Mommy
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Remember how I said that writing a book was just like having a baby? It really, really was. From the sleepless nights to the obsessing over every little thing to life never being the same since.

Well, I have a new point to add to that list: Amnesia.

You know how you block out exactly how miserable the aches and pains of pregnancy were? How you immediately forget the disgustingness that is childbirth? How those miserable nights with a newborn don’t really stick in your brain and just the sweet breathing and precious little bodies do?

I’ve similarly forgotten just how crazy the book writing process made me and have found myself aching for a new bundle of joy. The new release table gives me baby fever and I caress the cover of my book the way I used to old onsies and baby booties.

Somehow, I became addicted to the insanity that is book publishing and am excited to announce that I am book-knocked up all over again! My amazing agent and wonderful team at Simon and Schuster are along for the ride and we expect our little delivery, Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies), in the spring/summer of 2013…

The roller coaster begins again.

(Anyone have a barf bag?)

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